Reagan’s popularity continues to carry a message for Democrats



How would the former President Ronald Reagan do in a hypothetical presidential match against any of the current U.S. presidents. He’d do well.

Reagan would best President Biden, with 55% of the respondents opting for the 40th president and 45% for Mr. Biden, this according to Dynata, which conducted a unique survey on behalf of the producers of a unique, forthcoming feature film.

This film is just called “Reagan .”


The cast includes Dennis Quaid , Jon Volight . It will also be available in 2023. This production is unique and captivating. It’s no wonder that some of the producers were interested in how Reagan would do if he entered a hypothetical race against six other presidents.

Reagan performed well in this survey. It was done in May, and it was released Friday. Only former President Barack Obama . was able to beat the Gipper.

“The poll asked 1,058 U.S. respondents whom they’d vote for in a matchup between Ronald Reagan and the other presidents who have held office since his administration. Obama beat Reagan by 14 percentage points — 57% to 43% — but Reagan won against every other past president,” noted a handy summary of the findings from Newsweek.

And the bigger implications of these findings. These findings provide an opportunity for learning.

“Reagan’s staying power is greater than other presidents due to his conservative principles.” Craig Shirley ,, a former presidential historian and author of four books about Reagan, speaks Inside the Beltway.

“At his highest watermark, Barack Obama has landed and President Biden finds himself in serious trouble. This poll’s results should be a wake-up call for the GOP, but also for the Democrats. The Democrats are going to have a long winter and the Republicans will be having a warm morning. He will be remembered as the worst President since Herbert Hoover Mr. Shirley.

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Another staff member is fleeing from an increasingly unpopular White House,” says Scott Whitlock , Research director at Newscasters (a conservative watchdog).

He mentions that White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield has just said goodbye to President Biden .. You can also find Cathy Russell , director of White House Office of Presidential Personnel and Cedric Virginia ,director of White House Office of Public Engagement.

Fox News, meanwhile, is tracking the exodus, revealing that 25 key staffers have departed in the last year.

” You wouldn’t know it because the networks ignored recent departures,” Whitlock stated in his analysis.

ABC and CBS seem to be in a protective mode and either downplay or totally ignore this trend, he stated.

This was not true when the former President Trump occupied office.

“Why does the Biden government seem so unpopular? Why is so many of the staffers going? What will happen to the next crew? Network journalists don’t ask these questions. They should. Americans should know whether they are able to have a healthy, functioning White House. These questions were asked by the press during Trump’s presidency,” Whitlock stated.


Another White House press secretary Ari Fleischer has an interesting new book coming Tuesday: “Suppression deception, Snobbery, and Bias”: How the Press Does So Many Wrong .”

The author was an official press agent, 2001 through 2003,. He is now a Fox News contributor as well as the founder of a communication company. The 350-page book has much to say, including this brief excerpt:

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” The press isn’t the enemy of people. The author said that they could be their worst enemy.

” The damage they do to the country and themselves is grave. Americans want their facts straight. People want honest, fact-based reporting. “But most Americans are now convinced that they cannot get the truth or facts from mainstream media,” Fleischer said.

“This is what happens in journalism schools across the country for decades. They graduate like-minded liberal-oriented college-educated voters who are mostly Democratic to the ranks of news media. The stories they tell are tailored towards liberal-oriented college-educated and mostly Democratic viewers and readers,” he stated.

Journalists can have bad habits.

” They claim to look like America but they are only half American. This is why the media is in crisis. “Unless journalists can see the world and the country from a neutral and fair lens, journalism’s institution will continue to crumble under the pressure of their own activism and America’s faith in media will continue to decline,” Fleischer said.

The new book was published in Broadside Books by HarperCollins Publishers, the conservative imprint.


There’s some useful information about the midterm elections that you might find interesting.

“Republicans continue their advance in the U.S. House and Senate,” advised This nonpartisan news site is not affiliated with any political party.

“The current Elections Daily ratings show the House with 220 seats for Republicans and 191 for Democrats with 24 tossups. In the Senate, it’s Republicans 49, Democrats 47, and 4 tossups,” the news organization said in a statement shared with Inside the Beltway.

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77% of U.S. voters agree that “most members of Congress” do not deserve to be reelected; 21% say they should be reelected and 2% do not know or refused to answer.

67% of voters agree that President Biden does not deserve to be reelected; 33% say he deserves reelection and 1% do not know or refused to answer.

41% of voters agree that “the U.S. representative in their district” does not deserve to be reelected; 53% disagree and 6% do not know or refused to answer.

SOURCE: A Gallup poll of 900 registered U.S. voters conducted June 1-20 and released Monday.

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