Hispanic Journalists Pull Jill Biden to Compare Them To ‘Breakfast Tacos”

No. That headline is not satire. Jill Biden actually compared Hispanics with “breakfast tacos” while she was speaking in San Antonio. Also, she apparently cannot pronounce “bodega”, instead using “boh-da.” Is this a fake-Spanish pronunciation? She has an extensive history of making such mistakes, which includes her famous “si-se podway” error during the 2020 campaign.

Reported by RedState, this latest gaffe occurred during a conference called “LatinX IncluXion,” which can be translated as “Democrats want Hispanic voters to die.” The National Association of Hispanic Journalists found it very funny.

They released a statement accusing Jill Biden of provoking her speech writers and for having come up with this line.

NAHJ encourages @FLOTUS & her communications team to take time to better understand the complexities of our people & communities.

We are not tacos.

Our heritage as Latinos has been shaped over time by diverse cultures, food traditions and diasporas.

Do you want to reduce us all to stereotypes? pic.twitter.com/KQIq5gwsht

— NAHJ (@NAHJ) July 12, 2022

I’m surprised that the NAHJ made this announcement. Given that almost everyone who is a member of the media is Democrat, you would expect the majority to be Democrats. Jill Biden is the most liberal leftist on the Left. This was too much, perhaps? Or maybe there is a shift in the Hispanic electorate that has reached the journalism ranks. The nitpicking about Dr. Biden and her speech-writing team need to take the time to understand Hispanic culture in the future.

I still wonder how it happened. I have been to several Central and South American countries. To my dismay, not all of them eat tacos. It would be reasonable to expect that the First Lady and her team know this, but she kept it simple with her comments. What is the point of such stupid pandering when there’s nothing to lose? Jill Biden chose to go with “breakfast tacos”, despite being completely uninformed.

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The bigger red flag for Democrats is how badly they treat Hispanics. It was an utterly unacceptable move for the First Lady to appear at an event which included the ridiculous, made-up word “Latinx”. Democrats must seek normalcy among Hispanic voters and not drift into leftwing madness that alienates them. Jill Biden is talking about “Latinx,” and “breakfast tacos.” What would her plan be if she were actually trying to scare Hispanics?

This shows how political hubris can lead to irreversible results. Democrats who had previously believed that Hispanics were part of the permanent majority refuse to accept that these things have changed. Instead of changing their message, they continue to hammer on with woke-ism. While I am a Republican and enjoy the chaos, this makes me shiver as a political observer.

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