Gregg Abbott’s Analogy Places Biden’s Illegal Alien “Invasion” Into Mind-Blowing Perspective

RedState authors have been writing articles for over a year about the continuing Biden Border Crisis ™, and the increasing number of illegal aliens surging to — as well across — The Southern Border. This threat not only threatens border cities and states, but also the interior of America.

Reporting on July 5th, multiple Texas Counties issued “declarations to invade” as a response to the worsening situation. Moreover, as my colleague Nick Arama reported on June 30, the Supreme Court ruled against the “Remain in Mexico” policy — known formally as “Migrant Protection Protocols” — implemented under then-President Donald Trump.

As noted by CNS News, the decision that the Biden administration no longer must comply with the Remain in Mexico policy will result in roughly 18,000 “immigrants” illegally crossing the border each day — totaling more than six million per year. The Biden administration provided the figures.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott, during a Sunday morning Fox News appearance, put Biden’s illegal alien invasion into proper and eye-opening perspective.

Each year, we will see about one Houston cross the border.

“So, this is going to end in a complete disaster,” Abbott stated, according to CNS News.

First, it was Texas leading the way in getting court decisions to keep the Remain in Mexico policy and keep the Title 42 policy in place. As you pointed out, it is clear that the Supreme Court has struck down the Remain Mexico policy.

Let me give you just the numbers provided by the Biden administration. They predicted that after the elimination of these policies, we should have about 18,000 people coming across the border illegally per day.

Extrapolate this to show that more than six million people will cross the border each year.

Abbott was still furious about Biden’s illegal invasion of Arizona and California.

Listen, these counties are dealing with something that’s completely unprecedented. This is a remarkable development. Just two years ago, we saw the least number of people crossing the border. There were also fewer apprehensions. President Trump removed all policies and President Biden overtook them. It has resulted in an unprecedented and overwhelming increase in people crossing the border.


Yes, there is an invading force of cartels crossing our borders that are bringing people to our country at unimaginable levels.

Abbott stated that “technical grounds” allowed Texas to declare the Biden Border Crisis(tm), an invasion under the U.S. Constitution. This allows Texas and other states to implement additional strategies against this ongoing crisis.

There are two parts of the U.S. Constitution, Article IV, section four [and] Article I section 10. The executive order I made this week referred to both those sections, as well as a Texas provision that uses the term invasion.

The purpose of those words is to trigger certain ways and strategies for states to use their power to attempt to prevent actions like this, which are being driven by cartels.

And then there are the cartels.

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As I noted in my July 5 article, efforts by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and other state agencies during the Biden administration have led to more than 236,000 migrant apprehensions, along with almost 14,000 criminal arrests and more than 11,300 felony charges.

Over 3,800 weapons and almost $30 million in currency have been seized, as well. And here’s arguably the most important statistic of all: In the ongoing battle against America’s real pandemic — deadly fentanyl — DPS agents have seized more than 300 million lethal doses throughout the state.

The bottom line:

While the Biden Border Crisis(tm), which is deliberately ongoing, continues and the administration continues concocting ridiculous “fixes,” lie about the spike in overdoses of fentanyl, and continues to ignore it, Texas and Arizona are left alone.

While citizens in California’s “sanctuary” state — also known as the no-longer – continue to be victims to deadly and senseless crimes, Gavin Newsom continues to spend California tax payer money on illegals.

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