Cipollone, an ex-White House counsel said that Pence should be awarded the medal of freedom

for certifying 2020 elections


Ex-Vice President Mike Pence, former White House Counsel to Trump, deserved a Presidential Medal of Freedom for his refusal to allow the 2020 election to be reversed.

Mr. Cipollone informed the House Jan.6 committee that he suggested in unspecified forums that Mr. Pence should be awarded the prize for courage in resisting Mr. Trump’s claims of electoral fraud.

“He gave a tremendous service to our country,” Mr. Cipollone stated in testimony before the committee. He also said that he respected Mr. Pence.

Mr. Cipollone stated that Mr. Pence didn’t have the power to reverse the results of the election as Donald Trump had asked him. According to him, he was in agreement with William Barr who stated that no evidence had been presented of election fraud which would have affected the result.

The committee had previously focused its attention on Trump’s pressure campaign against Mr. Pence and showed clips of protesters demanding the death of Vice President Mike Pence. As the constitutionally required count was completed in Congress, Mr. Pence presided over the traditional function of certifying the Electoral College results. 2021.

The Tuesday hearing of the committee focuses on many aspects leading up to the 2021 Capitol Attack, such as the rise in right-wing extremist organizations and Donald Trump’s promotion for his “Stop the Steal” rally before supporters march to the Capitol.

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This is the seventh hearing that the panel held as part of its investigation. The panel is expected to host another hearing next week, and will produce a final report after their hearings are over.

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