Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin pushes for 15-week abortion ban

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin on Sunday threw his support behind a 15-week abortion ban following the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

” I believe this is an opportunity to reflect upon our beliefs and, as a prolife governor, have really thought about my faith in my beliefs,” Mr. Youngkin stated on CBS’ Face the Nation .”

The Republican governor stated that he supports exemptions for incest, rape and situations where the mother’s health is at stake.

But Mr. Youngkin admitted that such a ban would be politically challenging to pass if there was a split legislature. The House and the Senate are controlled by Republicans, while the House is controlled by Democrats.

” This is an opportunity for people to get together. He said that Virginians are unanimously in agreement that they want less abortions and not more. And I believe this gives a chance for a bipartisan group to create a pathway there over the next five month and provide me with a bill .”


Since the conservative majority of the Supreme Court struck down federal protections, many states have passed trigger laws.

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President Biden signed an executive order to ensure that women who are seeking abortions can cross state boundaries to obtain the procedure, without fear of repercussions from their home states.

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