Trump Criticizes Elon Musk at Alaska Rally

Former President Donald Trump slammed Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a fiery speech Saturday while speaking at his rally in Alaska.

Trump was promoting TruthSocial, his social media platform. He called Musk a bullshit artist after the billionaire CEO said he wouldn’t buy Twitter.

” Elon will not buy Twitter,” Trump stated. Trump said, “Where have you heard that before?” From me.”

President Donald J. Trump: “Elon is NOT going to buy TWITTER.” @elonmusk #TruthSocial

— RSBN (@RSBNetwork) July 10, 2022

“He’s got himself a mess,” Trump continued. Trump continued, “You know, he said the previous day, “Oh, I have never voted for any Republican.” I replied, “I don’t know that.” He told me he voted for me.’ So, he’s another bullshit artist.” (RELATED: Elon Musk Slams Twitter For Suspension Of Jordan Peterson)

Musk canceled his bid to purchase Twitter Friday, a letter from his lawyers published in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing found.

The letter claims that Twitter made misleading and false representations and that it did not comply with contractual obligations. It also alleges that Musk refused to give data that would have revealed how many of the monetizable accounts were spam accounts or fake accounts.

Twitter stated it will sue to keep the deal.

We are determined to close the transaction at the agreed price and terms with Musk. To enforce that merger agreement, we plan to take legal action. “We are certain we will win in Delaware Court of Chancery,” stated the Twitter board in a statement that was obtained by Daily Caller News Foundation.

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