Rep. Liz Cheney is told by Sen. John Barrasso that there are not enough Democrats in Wyoming to support her win

Sen. John Barrasso made a dig at Liz Cheney, a fellow Wyoming Republican Rep. He said that the ruby-red state does not have enough Democratic voters to allow her to win her GOP primaries.

Democratic Wyoming voters are thought to have switched party affiliations to assist Ms. Cheney (the most anti-Trump Republican candidate for reelection) in a difficult primary race.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday Mr. Barrasso stated that “there aren’t enough Democrats” who would give Ms. Cheney victory and she had “a lot to do to win the primary .”


” Wyoming politics are very personal. “It’s face-to-face, it’s towns to towns,” said Mr. Barrasso. She said that she had traveled extensively throughout the state and believes she still has much work ahead of her if she wants to win the primary .”


Ms. Cheney was ostracized by her party after voting to impeach President Trump and leading the House Jan.6 committee’s investigation.

Mr. Trump has endorsed Harriet Hageman as her challenger. Hageman is running to remove the Congresswoman from Wyoming’s single House District.

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