Karen Bass, Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Continues to Support George Gascon

Congresswoman Karen Bass and Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate continue to support George Gascon, the disgraced Los Angeles County district attorney. She continues to support Gascon despite the county’s rampant crime wave. Her support also extends after two El Monte officers were killed by his policies.

. @KarenBassLA endorsed @GeorgeGascon for D.A. Gascon and Bass attended the Mayor’s launch.

Will Bass organize against possible Gascon recalls or invite Gascon supporters to her campaign?

” My focus will be on the mayor’s race…I am not going to concentrate on the recall.” pic.twitter.com/zenf4TqwE9

— Elex Michaelson (@Elex_Michaelson) July 9, 2022

Gascon was in the first row when Bass launched her campaign to become Mayor. Bass replied

when Bass was asked whether she would campaign for Gascon or for him in the recall election.

“My focus is going to be on the Mayor’s race…I’m not going to be focused on the recall.”

But then, she made something quite interesting and voters need to question it.

“But the recall has to pass the most significant hurdle. Is it likely to qualify? It is not clear if this will be the case. However, I can tell you from personal experience that I doubt that recalls will ever qualify. But if it does, my focus is going to be on the Mayor’s race.”

RedState’s Bob Hoge reported that the Gascon recall campaign collected 715,833 signatures. It will need to go through a verification process by August 17 before the recall is on the ballot for the November midterm election.

Today we submitted to the LA County Registrar 717,000 signatures to recall DA George Gascon — 150,000 more than required to force an election. The Registrar has 30 days to “verify” that we’ve crossed the 566,857 signature threshold.

Thank you LA! #RecallDAGeorgeGascon pic.twitter.com/9fbDzEnfnC

— RecallDAGeorgeGascon (@DAGasconRecall) July 7, 2022

Bass is the opponent of the recall. However, Caruso supported Gascon at the start of Gascon’s campaign. Because he didn’t think Gascon was right for the job, he later backed down and endorsed Jackie Lacey (ex-DA). He was correct.

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Caruso’s campaign for Mayor of New York will look a lot like Mike Bloomberg’s, but Caruso is going to get more accomplished than Bloomberg. Los Angeles has exactly what it needs right now.

Karen Bass is a politician who has served Los Angeles for many decades. Eric Garcetti’s female counterpart, she will be her. She once praised murderous dictator Fidel Castro, and in 1973 she traveled to Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade. For half a century, this group organised annual trips to Cuba for leftist young Americans.

Democrat Rep. Karen Bass claims she did not know that communism was bad in Cuba four years ago.

REMINDER – Bass admitted that he was part of a group that trained militants from the United States in Communist Cuba. pic.twitter.com/DxcssHTc1C

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) August 2, 2020

If voters vote in November to recall Gascon they will be able to benefit as Caruso is tough on crime. Caruso wants law and order to be restored, as well as helping the homeless get rehabilitation and mental health care. He also plans to end encampments, return the space to the public and build shelters for homeless people.

These two candidates are inseparable. Some days I don’t even recognize my city. Los Angeles needs to make a positive change, to revitalize the city and turn it into a dream destination, so recall Gascon and elect Caruso for Mayor.

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