EXCLUSIVE – Rep. Ted Budd to Propose an Amendment Boosting Troops Pay To Match Inflation

An amendment will be proposed by Ted Budd, a Republican North Carolina Representative. This would allow service members to receive a pay increase equal to the 8.6% Consumer Price Index(CPI) inflation rate.

The amendment, first obtained by the Daily Caller, is to the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA currently raises troop pay by 4.6% and an amendment from Democratic Maine Rep. Jared Golden added an additional 2.4% inflation bonus for certain low-income service members. That increase fails to meet the 8.6% increase in the CPI for May 2022.

Budd would increase Golden’s provision by 1.6% to ensure that servicemembers’ wages match the 8.6% CPI rise.

“Congress shouldn’t stand aside while Joe Biden’s inflation decimates the pay of our servicemembers. Before introducing my amendment, Budd stated to the Daily Caller that his amendment would ensure that troops get a raise due to the higher prices at the supermarket and pump.


(DAILY CALLER OBTAINED) — … by Henry Rodgers

In June, consumer prices reached the highest rates in four decades, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Johnson Vying To Get Biden Admin To Clear More Military Members Of Vaccine Mandate)

The 12-month increase was the largest since 1981, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). (RELATED: ‘Hidden Tax’: Inflation Runs Rampant After Biden Skirts Blame On Rising Costs)

Budd plans on introducing the amendment late Friday afternoon, he added.

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