CNN’s Jan. 6th Show: Former AG Dumps On

Former Democratic Governor. Former Democratic Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock.

“Nobody’s going to speak to me about this hearings,” Bullock told Kasey Hunt, the guest host. Bullock also served as Montana’s attorney general. They’re going talk to me on gas prices and other issues that affect their lives. Now we know, if there was a seven-part hearing on gas prices, not only would a lot more people watch it, but every cable television network would actually cover the thing.” (RELATED: Jan. 6 Theater Is Pushing Swing State Voters Away From Dems: REPORT)

“It doesn’t impact people’s everyday lives outside of this place we gather called Washington, D.C.,” Bullock said when Hunt tried to mention CSPAN.


Pollster Frank Luntz said similar things in June on Fox News. He told Howard Kurtz, “Media Watch,” that voters were concerned more about border security than inflation or crime.

The vast majority of House Republicans boycotted Jan. 6 Committee, after Nancy Pelosi removed Republican Reps. Jim Jordan from Ohio and Jim Banks from Indiana. Pelosi named Republican Reps. Liz Cheney from Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger (Illinois), both vocal critics of President Donald Trump.

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