Swalwell Shares Unintentionally a Fearful Glimpse from the “Democrats’ Message”

You won’t find many people who love Rep. Eric Swalwell, a California Democrat, on these pages. He was a key player in the second impeachment trial of President Donald Trump and now sits on the similarly absurd January 6th Committee. RedState previously reported that Swalwell seems to love spending time on TV or social media and being incorrect about everything, including the COVID pandemic and the false white supremacist smear about Glenn Youngkin.

But, in an unexpected fluke, Nick Arama, my colleague, caught Swalwell doing something wrong for a change. He tried to show his followers through a series tweets that attacking NRA will not get them the “gun control.” they desire. Nick pointed out that the tweets were not received well and he was even attacked for “blind squirrel finding an nut”.

Swalwell posted what he considered the “Democrats message” to Twitter on Friday. Not only is he now completely wrong but the tweets he shared are both unintentionally revealing as well as frightening.

What’s the Democrats message? This is what I hear all the time. Simple.

We are the party for freedom.

Freedom for you to choose your health care.

Freedom From Fear of Gun Violence

Freedom for your vote to be counted.

Our message is what we stand for.

Freedom to all.

— Rep. Eric Swalwell (@RepSwalwell) July 8, 2022

He wrote:

What’s the Democrats’ message? This is what I hear all the time. Simple.
We are the party for freedom.
You have the freedom to choose your health care provider.
You can be free from fear of gun violence.
You have the right to vote.
We are our message.
All people should have freedom.

I doubt I’m alone in this, but after reading that, all I could think of was George Orwell’s “1984.” Every single item on the Democrat checklist involves depending on the government to give you that “freedom” — which isn’t any definition of freedom I or anyone I know is familiar with.

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Here is what Democrats really mean:

The government will grant you your right to have an abortion, hormone blocking drugs or any other procedure you wish.

The government will remove or limit the constitutionally affirmed right of bear arms for certain of your fellow Americans so you can feel the safety .”

The government will make it more difficult for Democratic candidates to commit electoral fraud. You will feel that you must vote for them.

Also, the next time Swalwell uses the term “freedom”, you may be reminded of Inigo Montoya’s quote in “The Princess Bride .”


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