Liz Cheney receives top Dem donations to support her campaign for “country over party”

Democratic supporters are supporting Rep. Liz Cheney’s struggling reelection campaign. They cite her as an example Republican who stood up against President Donald Trump.

Funders that fueled Hillary Clinton’s campaigns are looking to support the Wyoming Republican as she is likely to be ousted by a proTrump primary challenger.

” We disagree on very little, if any. She has achieved something that very few others in history have ever done. That is, she put country above party and politics in order to defend our Constitution, Jeffrey Katzenberg, a film producer, told The New York Times.

Along with Mr. Katzenberg and Jane Fraser (Citigroup chief executive, registered Democrat), Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn cofounder, and Seth Klarman, a billionaire manager of hedge funds, all gave to Ms. Cheney’s reelection campaign.

Mr. Klarman is an independent with liberal views about social policy and said that Ms. Cheney was the “strongest voice in the GOP” when it comes down to upholding Constitutional rights.

Ms. Cheney also asked Wyoming Democrats to vote for her, in a state Mr. Trump won with a greater margin than the 40-point margins in both 2016and 2020..

The daughter of ex-Vice President Dick Cheney is one of the loudest Trump opponents in the Republican Party. Her party has been criticized for her cult-like dedication to former President.

Her work as a member of the Jan.6 committee that investigated the 2021 Capitol Riot has raised her profile nationally as an anti-Trump Republican. This led her primary opponents to leverage her position to appeal to their base.

Polls show that Ms. Cheney has lost a significant amount to Harriet Hageman (natural resources lawyer), who is supported by Mr. Trump.

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A Club for Growth poll, conducted May 24-25, had Ms. Hageman up 30 points ahead of Ms. Cheney.

In a debate between the GOP candidates, Ms. Hageman called the Jan.6 committee “totally unfair”, and “contrary” to all that the country stands for .”

The candidate accused Democrats of using Jan.6 to distract from domestic problems facing the country.

” They talk about January 6 but that is not what Wyomingans are discussing,” said Ms. Hageman. “They’re not talking about gas prices. They’re talking food prices. It’s the reality that they cannot travel. We also have serious concerns about the 2020 .”

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Ms. Cheney defends her position in the committee, and her stand against Mr. Trump’s “lies”, especially around the claim that the 2020 election had been stolen.

” I am asking you for your vote. If you want to see someone who would violate my office oath, you should vote for another person on the stage. “I will never forget my oath .”

The Wyoming primary will be held in August. 16.

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