FACTCHECK: Joe Biden did not place a Medal Of Honor on its recipient in the wrong way

An shared by Facebook Claims President Joe Biden placed the Medal of Honor behind Vietnam War vet Dwight Birdwell.

Verdict: False

Footage from the event shows Biden placed the medal correctly.

Fact Check:

Biden awarded four Vietnam War veterans the Medal of Honor at a July 5 ceremony at the White House, according to The New York Times. Among those awarded the medal was Birdwell, an attorney and former chief justice of the Cherokee Nation, who served in Vietnam and was a former Silver Star recipient, according to the Tulsa World.

The Facebook post claims that Biden put the medal on Birdwell in reverse. The post reads: “Biden to Himself” It is difficult to tell if Biden correctly placed the medal in Facebook’s blurry video. This claim is false. Check Your Fact reviewed high-definition footage of the ceremony posted on Facebook by the White House that clearly shows Biden placing the medal the correct way around Birdwell’s neck. A video of the entire ceremony on the U.S. Army’s verified YouTube channel also shows the medal was placed correctly.

Additionally, a photo on CBS News’ website, as well as another photo on The Associated Press’ website, shows Biden putting the ribbon around Birdwell’s neck with the medal side facing the right way.

Check Your Fact debunked many false allegations about Biden. This included a viral posting that claimed he had resigned.

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