Biden considers declaring a National Health Emergency to Respond to the Abortion Ruling

President Joe Biden said that he is considering declaring an Emergency to use federal resources to encourage abortion access, even though Roe v. Wade was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court last month.

“I do not have the power to declare that Roe v. Wade will be reinstated as the law. Biden stated this to reporters in Delaware on July 10, saying that Congress should codify the decision into law.

Biden was riding his bicycle near his Delaware home when he met reporters and asked them if they were considering declaring an emergency in public health regarding abortions. Biden replied that he was now asking White House staffers for information about whether he has the authority and the possible consequences.

He stated that his administration was trying to implement policies and rules to “a lot of things to accommodate women’s rights” following the Supreme Court decision.

Biden also called for pro-abortion protestors to keep “protesting” and make their point. “It’s crucially important.” Biden didn’t mention the violence against some Supreme Court justices, or attack on pro-life groups and pregnancy centers.

Biden signed on July 8, an executive order for more access to pregnancies termination services.


Also, on July 8, Jen Klein, a White House official said to reporters that declaring an emergency of public health “didn’t seem like the best option” to allow abortion access. This is something conservative and religious groups claim to be immoral and equal to murder.

” We learned two things from our examination of the public health emergency. One, it doesn’t really free very many resources.” she said to reporters. It’s the money in the public emergency fund. There’s not much money, but it’s tens of thousands. This didn’t appear like an option. It also does not release any significant legal authority. So We haven’t yet taken this action

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Left-wing organizations and some Democrats called for the Biden administration’s aggressive implementation of pro-abortion laws through executive action.

“I ask President Biden for his absolute best efforts to ensure access to abortion in America. Let’s push the envelope and protect women now,” Senator Patty Murray, a Democratic senator from California, stated in a statement after the Supreme Court’s decision.

In the majority court opinion Justice Samuel Alito stated that the Constitution does not refer to abortion and that it should be up to the legislatures to make laws regarding the procedure.

“Protectors of the abortion rights claim that they are similar to those recognized by past decisions in matters like intimate sexual relations and contraception. However, abortion is fundamentally different from what Roe and Casey both acknowledged. It destroys what these decisions called “fetal life” and creates an “unborn human being .”



Jack Phillips, a reporter for breaking news at The Epoch Times with a New York office is

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