AOC ridicules Kavanaugh’s restaurant being occupied by pro-choice demonstrators

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez did not sympathize with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s unruly departure from a Washington steakhouse following protesters who wanted to intimidate him over Roe v. Wade. Wade.

The New York Democrat dismissed Friday’s incident in a sarcastic Tweet, saying that the demonstrators shouldn’t have “let him eat cake .”

She tweeted

“Poor man. He left his souffle before his souffle, because he believed half of the country would die if an ectopic baby was born within the wrong states. He is very wrong. They should let him have cake .”


Mr. Kavanaugh had to leave Morton’s Steakhouse in Downtown Washington, after protesters demanded that management fire him.

Politico said that justice could eat full meals, but had to leave the restaurant before dessert.

Morton released a statement condemning the incident and stating that people should have freedom to eat without interruption, regardless of their political views.

” There is a place and time for everything. A spokesperson for the restaurant said that disturbing all our customers’ dinners was an act selfishness and decency.

The White House described the protest as peaceful and didn’t raise any concerns. However, they strongly discourage intimidation or violence.

” People should have the right to use that. If you can do it outside of restaurants. It’s quiet. Karine Jean Pierre, White House Press Secretary, said that it was certain.

Republicans, as well as conservative media pundits, supported Mr. Kavanaugh’s right to dine out and denounced Democrats for condoning it.

” The left-wing mob has taken control of the country. “And Democrats are okay with that,” tweets Ted Cruz (Texas Republican).

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