VP Harris: ‘All Of Us Share a Deep Sense Of Outrage’ – (


Vice president Kamala Harris stated Friday, in preview of the interview she will give on Sunday’s CBS’s Face the Nation that everyone felt “deep outrage” at the Dobbs/Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling.

Harris stated, “I believe all of us have a deep feeling of outrage at the United States Supreme Court taking a constitutional rights that was recognized and taking it from the women in America. Now we are looking at an instance where the government could interfere with one of the most private and intimate decisions someone can make .”


Reporter Robert Costa posed the question: “What will the administration do in the months ahead of the election to codify Roe and try to put some priorities ?”

into law through Congress?

Harris stated, “The President acted again this morning with an executive order. But we still need Congress to act because that branch is where we actually code, that means make law, rights we, again, took for granted, but have clearly been stripped from women in America. We should not minimize its importance .”


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