Mississippi teenager recounts saving 4 drowning victims

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — When Corion Evans saw three people at a party, the 16-year-old never imagined he would save their lives a few hours later. That’s exactly what happened on Sunday morning when a car drove from a boat launch to a river in south Mississippi.

A high school student from Mississippi jumped in the Pascagoula River at 2: 30 AM that day, after watching the car slide into the water under Interstate 10.. The car was also carrying three young ladies he met at Saturday’s party. After the party, they all went to the same spot.

He started running downhill towards the water, as quickly as he could.

” I saw the car, and then they said ‘Help!’ so I took off my shirt, took off my shoes, and just tossed my phone into the water. Evans stated.

Unaffected by the darkness, Evans rushed into the river. He later learned that alligators can be found in the bayous and river.

” I was afraid, but I focused on making sure everyone was calm,” he stated. He saved all three victims and the police officer on the spot.

According to Wednesday’s Moss Point Police Department press release, the driver claimed she was using her GPS but didn’t realize that she was heading for the water’s edge.

“There are no lights below, and there is nothing. So everything was pitch black,” Cora Watson of 19, said to WLOX TV. The GPS believed we were on the top of interstate. It was saying to us that we should go straight, even though it didn’t say water here or anything

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The three young ladies climbed out from the passenger side window. WLOX TV reported. One of them was able to climb onto the car’s roof. One of them struggled to walk on water. The other managed to keep her hand up and called the police.

Gary Mercer, a

Moss Point officer was called to assist Evans. Mercer claimed that he jumped in the river to help one of the teens who couldn’t swim. After Mercer attempted to transport the girl, she became panicked and made him go underwater.

“He tried to get back up, but kept taking in water,” Evans stated. Evans said that he was trying to catch his breathe but then he told her “I can’t,” and she jumped over to him .”


Evans helped Mercer to reach the beach with the help of the woman. His physical strength is due to his high school football experience and swimming. According to him, he learnt how to swim in the grandmother’s swimming pool as a three-year-old.

” If Mr. Evans hadn’t assisted, the situation might have turned out differently and all occupants were rescued safely,” stated Brandon Ashley, Moss Point Chief Police Officer.

On Tuesday the Moss Point mayor presented Evans with a certificate praising his efforts.

” We are proud that the young man had the nerve to jump in the water and forget about himself,” Mayor Billy Knight said to the AP. It’s rare that people will put other things before themselves .”

The young ladies gave Evans a gift bag with “Life Savers’ candy.

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Evans will be a high school senior in fall and wants to pursue a degree in physical therapy or sports medicine at college. To help him pay tuition costs, a GoFundMe page was created. He calls it a “blessing .”


” I wasn’t supposed be there,” Evans stated. Evans said, “When I ran into the water, I should have been already gone.” I believe I am being blessed because of what I did last night .”

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