Devin Nunes, Exclusive–TRUTH Social CEO: “Republic Cannot Survive” Without the ‘Open Internet

TRUTH The Social CEO Devin Nunes talked to Breitbart News regarding the platform’s progress, and criticized tech censorship. He also stated that “a free Internet .”

is essential for a republic to survive.”


Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle opened the interview with Nunes by discussing TRUTH Social and asked the CEO his thoughts on Elon Musk’s move to back out of his Twitter buyout deal.

Nunes stated that Musk’s decision not to resign was no surprise to him, having followed the story for several months. Nunes said that he didn’t believe that Musk would be a “savior for Twitter” and remove its censorship tactics.

Nunes described Twitter to be a “global PRwire for celebrities, sports people, corporates, political hackers, and strange reporters .”

He said that Twitter was not TRUTH Social’s competitor because “everyday Americans don’t use Twitter”.

” Everyday Americans don’t have it. We’re trying to do more than just be a PR machine with our TRUTH competition. Nunes stated that people can put things on Truth just like on Twitter, Instagram, and other sites. We’re not trying to become a social network place. Instead, we want to make it a fun place where everyone can have fun .
According to Nunes,

Facebook is more competitive than Twitter in terms of their threat to TRUTH Social.

Boyle pointed out that the company is close to reaching 10 million users total and asked Nunes for his thoughts on the future growth of the social media platform.

Nunes stated that the company has experienced “phenomenal” growth and is working to create a social media platform that can be cancelled. This will differ from Parler’s website, which was shut down by Amazon Web Services.

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“But we’re building the company to ensure that it can not be cancelled by tech tyrants. He said that everything they are doing is slow and methodical. Brick by brick so the platform cannot be cancelled by someone like Bezos or Amazon.”

When Nunes was asked why he quit Congress to join former President Donald Trump’s TRUE Social, Nunes stated that he and Trump had grown tired of “un-American” social media censorships you see only in socialist, fascist dictatorships .”

He stated, “And many people ask me why I left Congress. They often ask me why I left Congress. And, of course, it’s because President Trump doesn’t require a new company. While I did not need a job change, we noticed that the President had been removed from every social media platform. It was completely anti-American, and you only see the rubbish in fascist, socialist dictatorships .”


He said that the open Internet was essential for our nation’s survival.

“I don’t think this country can survive if there’s no open Internet. So we’re here for the Internet to be open again, giving people their voices back,” Nunes stated. Nunes stated, “I just felt it was more important for me to take up this role and leave the Congress than to remain in it. It’s because I don’t think you can have basic communication with another .

He continues to criticize political left’s rampant censorship against conservatives using other social media platforms. How can one party control all the social media platforms when the far-left in our country controls them? A republic can’t survive. That’s what the fake news can’t grasp. Nunes stated that because they were writers, many of their fake stories are believed by the public.”

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Nunes spoke also about California Governor. Gavin Newsom (D), who recently joined TRUTH, and the way that TRUTH welcomed him. He believes Newsom and his colleagues joined TRUTH to try and be removed.

“He signs up and gets an account. He brags about his accomplishments and puts some left-wing and inflamatory propaganda there. Nunes stated that his team believed President Trump would boot him off the platform. We did the exact opposite. “We welcomed him to our platform. I sent out a welcome message to Truth, and his TRUTH Social account received him .”

Nunes stated that TRUTH Social’s mission is “to make social media more fun again”, and stressed that TRUTH Social isn’t just about the political arena.

” We want social media to be fun again. You will notice on there that photos are very high quality,” he stated. We have great meme-makers and video producers that make funny videos. And often they aren’t politically .”


Breitbart News Saturday airs on SiriusXM Patriot 125 from 10: 00 a.m. to 1: 00 p.m. Eastern.

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