Climate Activists call out Democrats and plan to ‘Shut down’ the Congressional Baseball Game

A coalition of climate activists threatens to interrupt the upcoming Congressional Baseball Game to press Democrats to adopt “sweeping climate legislation .”

The event is scheduled for July 28 in Washington. It continues a century-old bipartisan tradition where Democrat and Republican Congressmen play a friendly ball game in order to raise funds for charities.

The activists however, vowed not to allow this game to occur and accused the Democrat players not doing enough to combat climate change.

“Democratic Leaders are Failing Us,” stated the group, under the banner “Now or Never,” claiming that lawmakers “mingle” with billionaires to pretend “everything is fine,” while “ice melts” .”

“On July 28th, we will converge en masse on the Congressional Baseball Game,” their website reads. “If politicians fail to deliver we will close it .”

According to the website, if there is no “strong climate legislation” by Aug. 5, the activists will “take direct action in protest of the DNC” in four key states–Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona.

“September 30th will be our final stand. They added that Congress will leave Washington on this date for an extended recess which lasts until the November elections. We will launch a disruptive mass-direct action in DC if no significant climate legislation is passed before this date.

The threat is made after demonstrators blocked the Inner Loop of Washington’s Capital Beltway for over 90minutes, leading to a dozen arrests. Declare Emergency, a climate alarmist group, claimed that they were responsible and stated that they had acted in order to request President Joe Biden declare a “stateof climate emergency .”

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In one of the viral videos, a man was distraught and pleaded for help with climate activists. He explained that he would break his parole, be sent back to prison if he missed work, and that he would also violate his parole.

“Ya’ll are so inconsiderate,” he can be heard saying in the video HTML3_ by T.J. Jones, a freelance journalist for news company News2Share. “One lane, I’m asking one lane. Bro !”

, one lane before we go to jail.

” I’m going to prison for what you did,” yelled the man as he tore away the signs left by activists. The men continued to sit unresponsively on the roads. He becomes increasingly angry and aggressive in the video. Maryland State Troopers eventually caught him.

Climate protesters have caused much disruption outside of the United States. Protesters adhered to the copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”, at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, on Tuesday. To protest the use of fossil fuels, they spray painted “No New Oil” beside the painting.

Police reported that six individuals were arrested for conspiracy to cause nuisance.


Bill Pan works as a reporter at The Epoch Times.

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