Breaking Macy Gray

Breaking Macy Gray


Breaking Macy Gray

Once brave singer must bow before the Female Penis

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Lo, I finally made it onto Jordan B. Peterson’s podcast, where the Great Man and I talked about Live Not By Lies and soft totalitarianism. Here’s a link to the interview on JBP’s YouTube channel.

I insist this is soft totalitarianism. Nobody is being sent to the Gulag or asked for interviews by the secret police because of their unconventional opinions. They are now being forced to say things they did not mean yesterday.

Let’s take the example of Macy Gray who, on British television, defended traditional gender definitions of women (versus transgender revisionism). She told her critics that they should ignore it.

Macy Gray on Piers Morgan’s show: “Just because you change your parts, that doesn’t make you a woman.”

Macy Gray, post-struggle on TODAY: “Being female is a feeling.” If you feel in your heart that’s what you are, that’s what you are.”

— Allie Beth Stuckey (@conservmillen) July 8, 2022

Wait, how did they get to her? And force her to admit it to them? It’s chilling, isn’t it? Macy Gray, who is also a Grammy Winner, is an established star. In a matter of days, they broke her. All of us know her true thoughts and can see the humiliation she is enduring. In reality, we only see humiliation. It would be terrifying if she believed what Orwell called the Party’s “ultimate, most fundamental command”, that is to stop believing her own evidence.

Did you see that the US military is now requiring soldiers to share the shower with pre-op transsexuals? The chick with the dick will be showing off his male penis to female soldiers, sailors and airmen by order from the Secretary of Defense. Progress! Meanwhile, all branches of the military are struggling mightily to reach recruitment goals. With only three months left in the fiscal year, the Army has hit only 40 percent of its benchmark. It’s not as easy as reacting to trans. But I think the Great Awakening that began in Obama’s era and has been a major factor. I believe that young men who are most interested in serving don’t want to be sent to war by an imperial power, whose ruling class treats traditionalists and conservatives back home with contempt and sees heterosexual white males as a problem.

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You can beat Macy Gray. It will be harder to break a boy from Alabama than a country girl. My younger son was considering signing up to the military. I said to him, “I’ll support you however you want.” But I also told him, “I won’t force you into a position where you have to decide between your conscience or obeying your commander officer.” Instead, he’s going to trade school. He’d have been a great soldier. He is strong, courageous, loyal, smart, and a great soldier. He’s also a Christian, and that makes him persona non-grata in the woke military. This is according to Christian conservative military personnel I personally know and other people who have written to this blog.

Back To Macy Gray. What they did to Macy Gray is an example for what they will do if anyone dares speak up against transgender absoluteitarianism. You must honor the female penis if you wish to make a career out of entertainment or in a middle-class occupation. We all know how crazy, scientifically and morally insane this is. Schools are trying to brainwash younger generations.

Take a look at this testimony by the mother of a young self-proclaimed trans girl. She says 25 percent of her little girl’s class identify as trans. Excerpt:

The first problem is what children are being taught by the school. My daughter’s trans identity started when the school taught a module on ‘identity’ during which they told a group of 11-year-olds that, if you feel uncomfortable in your body, it means you are transgender. Two months before this class, my daughter just finished her first period. She was obviously feeling unwell in her body. After returning home, she looked for ‘transgender” on Tiktok and realized that it was her. Now she was trans.

The second issue has to do with non-stop celebrating of LGBTQI+ identity at the school. My children went to a progressive school, which is inclusive and anti-racist. It was something I loved. These are the qualities that we chose to attend this school. This has resulted in a steady stream of rainbows and identity flags over the past two-three years. Jazz Jennings, a transgender “hero”, is included in every part of the school’s curriculum where they are even remotely relevant. This is a school for kids aged 9 to 13. Although I am not a prude, I don’t believe that a continuous parade of sexual politics should be allowed for young children.

The third problem is how the school approaches the children “coming out”. The school seems to have an official policy of letting the children speak their minds without notifying the parents. The school will accept a child’s request for a name change and new pronouns. This creates a situation where a already stressed child has to cycle through four names within six months.

( I say that it “seems” to be the policy because there is no official or written record of this policy. The school changed my child’s name, and his pronouns without me knowing. Although we were at school for many years, our relationship with the teachers is strong and we are active members of school’s community, it was not possible to get even a telephone call. )

All of this wouldn’t matter if it were just about fun identities and flags. It isn’t. My daughter experienced depression after the name-pronoun switch (that we stupidly accepted, on advice from a therapist), and she also began to self harm. She has been miserable.

When I asked them about their actions, they refused to hear my concerns. I was told that all identities are celebrated and that they take pride in being inclusive. Transgender people are not seen as anything but fun flags, inclusion and respect. The dark side of transgender people is not something they see as much as we do. We are trying to prevent our children from developing bone-crushing hormones, from cross-sex hormones and from radical surgery. Sometimes it seems like we’re holding back the tsunami.

Read the whole thing. Amazingly, her mother is still living in the insane asylum that she runs from school.

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I’m still living in Hungary where this was banned for children last year. Although the European Union has cried bloody murder, Hungarian fathers and mothers can be thankful that their government is on their side and for their children’s sake. Yesterday, when I was working in a Budapest coffee shop (one of the ones named after Sir Roger Scruton), a man in there with his teenage daughter recognized me, and asked me to sign his copy of Live Not By Lies, the Hungarian edition. Richard is his name. He asked me to sign it to his son, who is 17, “and who is totally in love with America, but the America of Ronald Reagan, not what you are today.”

Richard seemed genuinely upset when he spoke about America and the events that have taken place. He said, “You were once such an inspiration for us.” “What has happened to you?” He stated that he worked over here in a multinational American company. He said that suddenly, everything became about race, gender and sexuality five years ago. What does this have to do? You can work if you are capable. If not, find another job. This was a mistake. People were hired on the basis of their race, sexuality, or gender. Why? I don’t get it. Are you Americans not seeing what you’re doing to yourself ?”


I told him that he preaches to the choir. I offered to take his photo and post it on my blog. He agreed. He said yes. It was the one that brought us joy.

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We chose to believe lies. This is what we did. We chose to punish and humiliate those such as Macy Gray who, for a moment at most, refused to accept it — until she received re-education and was taught to love the Female Penis.

Here is Richard who refuses lies to lead a normal life.

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