NPR Reminds Us Why It Needs to be Defunded With Its Latest Tweets

Before I begin this article, I want to give you a fun little fact about the National Public Radio (NPR) gets its funding.

According to The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which funds NPR, they recently received a $50 million increase in funding support from the federal government, totaling out at $525 million, thanks to the House and Senate passing the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2022.

Got it? Good.

The assassination of Shinzo Abe was shocking news, not just to the people of Japan, but to the entire world. He was the longest-serving Prime Minister in Japanese history and a great ally in the fight against the communist regimes of North Korea and China. World leaders began issuing statements remembering the man fondly and expressing their sadness that such a man was slain.

However, there were two entities that made statements that disgusted many. One was from President Joe Biden who decided to turn Abe’s death into a chance at pushing anti-gun narratives.

(READ: White House Disgustingly Uses Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Assassination to Push Gun Control)

The other was from NPR, which first posted a tweet calling Abe a “divisive arch-conservative” but soon deleted it.

Never forget what @NPR is: Communists.

They’ve deleted it but this was their first take on what happened. The communist take.

— Bob Weave (@lowkeyrbe) July 8, 2022

But NPR didn’t delete it because they felt shame over their hyper-partisan tweet about a slain man. They just needed to reword it so that Abe came off even worse by using buzzwords that they typically associate with white supremacists, “ultranationalist.” Now he’s not just a political figure that opposed the left in his country, but now he’s a crazed xenophobe.

Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese prime minister and ultranationalist, was killed at a campaign rally on Friday.

Police tackled and arrested the suspected gunman at the scene of an attack that shocked many in Japan.

— NPR (@NPR) July 8, 2022

I want to remind you that CPB got over half a billion dollars from our government, which hands some of that money to NPR.

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As you’re probably aware, this is the first time NPR exposed itself as a hyper-partisan propaganda organization. As RedState covered last Tuesday, the organization has gotten progressively more leftist over time. For instance, it had a tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence on July 4 that had been ongoing for over 30 years. This was scrapped this year so that one of its hosts could discuss “equality” with all the partisan sentiments you would expect.

This July 4th we break with tradition. Instead of a reading of the Declaration of Independence @NPRinskeep examines what equality means and has meant in this document. Important segment about our past and future…produced by @marcarivers and @bgordemer

— Leila Fadel (@LeilaFadel) July 4, 2022

Its parent station gets $525 million from our federal government, some of which is given to NPR.

As Jarrett Stepman of the Daily Signal noted, back in 2021 NPR effectively began allowing its reporters to engage in open bias, allowing for them to effectively use NPR as an activist platform:

In 2021, NPR gave the green light to its reporters to engage in direct activism. It has complained about conservative websites covering issues that serve conservative causes while committing to round-the-clock programming obsessively focused on race and gender.

Some of this new programming is downright, unintentionally hilarious. NPR did a segment about decolonizing fitness. It recently ran a piece about how Americans can “cope” with hearing stories about the war in Ukraine.

Over half a billion dollars.

Funny enough, the station got over $1 million in a grant in May toward its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work, but hilariously, leftists are going to leftist, and the more focus they put on its “diversity” the more its woke employees think NPR is racist. Meaning that, like most places that go woke, it’ll eventually eat itself alive.

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Let’s hope that this includes going broke.

If NPR is going to be hyper-partisan and a shill for the western radical left, then it should be a shill on the dime of viewers who like to hear that kind of thing coming from their speakers. The rest of America doesn’t, and our money shouldn’t be shoveled into a furnace like NPR.

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