Hunter Biden gets front row seat at White House Medal of Freedom Ceremonial

The scandal-ridden son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden was given a seat in the front row at Thursday’s White House Medal of Freedom Ceremony.

Hunter Biden was there with Melissa Cohen and became the de facto greeter to the guests due to the front row seat. As they entered the White House’s East Room, President Barack Obama’s son was seen hugging and shaking hands with many ceremony participants.

Hunter Biden CAUGHT on camera at White House reception as Biden Administration installs him as front-row greeter

— FreedomRings (@Dawna48664870) July 7, 2022

President Biden presented the Medal of Freedom to a number of his political allies.

As Breitbart News reported:

He awarded a medal to Sister Simone Campbell, a prominent activist who helped Biden promote Obamacare, Khizr Khan, who helped lead the charge against President Donald Trump in the 2016 election, and a posthumous medal to Richard Trumka, a former union boss who supported Biden.

Biden also awarded a medal to soccer player Megan Rapinoe, a vocal critic of Trump who helped promote Biden during the 2020 election.

Hunter Biden will attend the Medal of Freedom because he is currently under investigation by U.S. Department of Justice officials for money laundering and tax fraud.

Where’s Hunter? The White House.

— Kyle Martinsen (@KyleMartinsen_) July 7, 2022

President Biden appeared proud of his son’s attendance at the ceremony, telling the crowd, “my son Hunter and daughter in law are here.”

Joe Biden: My son Hunter is here at the White House

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 7, 2022

Along with his federal criminal investigation, Hunter Biden was also present at the ceremony. Reports revealed that he had filmed himself using drugs and touching himself while in a Massachusetts detox facility.

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As Breitbart News reported:

Video from Hunter’s “laptop from hell” shows the “president’s exhibitionist son” bathing in a “trippy green light as he floats naked on his back and plays with himself,” the Daily Mail reported. The video shows Hunter leaving the tub to obtain a hard seltzer and “what appears to be a crack pipe before taking several hits and staring wild-eyed into the camera as ambient music plays softly in the background.”

Another report was released on Thursday detailing the Biden administration’s sale of almost one million barrels of oil to an oil company owned by the Chinese Communist Party and linked to Hunter Biden equity.

The White House won’t answer any questions regarding Hunter Biden’s past of using his father’s office as a means to fund his business deals with hostile foreign countries.

Second, Hunter networking was also at the White House today.

— Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) July 7, 2022

Earlier in the week, Biden’s While House refused to address a voicemail uncovered on Hunter’s “laptop from hell” from President Biden to Hunter Biden advising his son about a 2018 New York Times article that covered Hunter Biden’s business dealings with a Chinese oil executive.

“I can not comment on any materials from the laptop,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Tuesday, directing their questions towards Hunter Biden’s representatives instead.

Breitbart News senior contributed Peter Schweizer highlighted Hunter Biden’s relationship with CEFC China Energy Company in his book Red-Handed.

. @PhilipWegmann: “You seemed to dismiss Peter’s question about his conversation with his son Hunter Biden…how is that silence consistent with the president’s promise to always level with the American public? “

KJP – “I cannot comment on any material from the laptop.”

— (@townhallcom) July 5, 2022

Furthermore, Rep. James Comer (R.KY), who is the top Republican in the House Oversight Committee accused Wednesday’s Biden administration of limiting the access of the committee to documents regarding Hunter Biden’s foreign business transactions to protect President Obama.

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“The Biden Administration is restricting Congress’ access to SARs, and Committee Republicans are investigating whether this change in longstanding policy is motivated by efforts to shield Hunter Biden and potentially President Biden from scrutiny,” Comer wrote in a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

#HunterBiden @JamesComer says Treasury “…will not provide (Suspicious Activity Reports) to Committee Republicans unless Democrats join the request.”@CBSNews reports +150 transactions involving Hunter, James Biden’s global biz affairs were flagged by US banks for further review.

— Catherine Herridge (@CBS_Herridge) July 6, 2022

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