Mulvaney: Mulvaney: Mark Meadows, ‘Detached’ ran the West Wing like a Clown Show’


Ex-chief of staff at Trump White House, Mick Mulvaney called Mark Meadows “detached”, and claimed that he managed the West Wing “like a clown show” during Wednesday’s CNN broadcast.

Mulvaney stated, “Mark appears to have been through a very dark time.” Cassidy said that he was clearly disengaged from his job. It is not clear if he was attending an event that made it impossible for him to engage. Mark seems to be in an extremely strange situation. My guess is that he will testify if required. He’s not currently under criminal indictment but referred to the Department of Justice. I think we will see him use the Fifth Amendment more than .”


Anchor Kasie hunt asked: “Do you believe Mark Meadows betrayed America with the information we now have about his actions around January 6, .”


Mulvaney stated, “That case has been made. But the hearings have not ended.” It is possible that Cassidy will be lied to under oath by five, six or eight witnesses. I won’t be able to give Cassidy the benefit of my doubts that I had up until now. We must see this through. This is not the end of the process. As a former chief, of staff, Cassidy’s testimony really scared me. That was how the West Wing ran. But it wasn’t. It was chaos. It was chaos. The Oval Office was a circus with Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, and Peter Navarro. Smart people were disengaged. John Kelly and Mark Meadows (the chief of staff), are responsible for ensuring that the West Wing works properly. There are safeguards to prevent things like the January 6th disaster. Under Mark’s supervision, the system collapsed. The president may ultimately be responsible for hiring the right people, but the chief of staff is accountable for running the office .

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