Mulvaney: Jan 6 Probe “Moving The Needle”; Republicans Now Looking at Trump as “Damaged”

Mulvaney: Jan 6 Probe “Moving The Needle”; Republicans Now Looking at Trump as “Damaged”

The former chief of staff to Trump White House was Mick Mulvaney, who said Wednesday, “CNN Tonight,” that hearings from the January 6 House Select Committee were “moving the needle,” with Republicans in Washington, D.C., who believe Donald Trump would make a “damaged 2024 president candidate.”

Anchor Kasie hunt said that “You were a politician for many years.” How do you think Republicans would be willing to move, particularly in key swing states like Georgia or Wisconsin? ?’

Mulvaney stated, “It is not determinative. But I believe it was in Gallup somebody published a poll within the last 12 hour that asked people to rank the most important topics to them. It didn’t prompt anyone to answer.” Nobody said January 6. The January 6 commissions were not mentioned by anyone. The economy and their concerns about .”

are driving everyday Americans.

He said, “Inside Washington and inside the political realm, it’s moving the needle. You can see that people, particularly in my party are starting to look at Donald Trump as something damaged. This is why you might hear whispers about Mike Pence running for 2024 in opposition to Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and Ron DeSantis. These are conversations you wouldn’t have had 6-8 weeks ago before the committee hearings began

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