Red-Pilled Youtuber Discusses the Left, and Shows an Intriguing Fact about Political Division

Misha Petroleumv was a young lady who uploaded a June video to her YouTube channel. It received a lot of attention and attracted a lot of people. Most of these responses were in complete agreement.

The video focused on Petrov’s belief that she was a Democrat, just like many people her age. Petrov was enmeshed in radical leftism at her university, where she was constantly being pushed down her throat by leftist politicians. This was even when she was not taking classes on socio-political issues. It was impossible for her to get past a math class and not be woken.

Soon, Petrov realized she was unable to identify with the left anymore and, as her video shows, left it. Petrov also left her university, which was so grotesquely sunk into wakefulness that it had lost its value as a learning place.

One of the things Petrov mentions in her video, is that she had been under the impression very few Americans were conservative before coming to this realization. Due to how social media works, she was lead to believe it was small group, almost cult-like, of racists or bigots.

She was constantly surrounded by mainstream content and was led to believe that leftism is America’s most popular political ideology. The more she used it, the more social media recommended it.

She experienced a momentary awakening after the documentary, “The Social Dilemma,” pointed out how social media algorithms can lead to political division. Some of her friends drifted more towards the left, spouting talk points and attitudes taken from Black Lives Matter.

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Petrov claimed that she shared the clip from The Documentary to her Socials. Not long after, she received several text messages asking her friends why they posted it. Also, if she is a Trump Supporter.

” They were prepared to attack me,” stated Petrov.

” They were supporting my point,” she said. I can’t post anything or speak without being offended or defensive. It really makes me miss those days where we all could just say “oh, let us agree to disagree.” ‘”

Petrov will be pulled further from the left, as her university descends into madness. The men would claim that they are transgender, but not make any effort to look like women. Professors would assign assignments on identity politics or trigger warnings. Petrov was soon free from the infantilization and hypocrisy she had been forced to accept.

Petrov’s story exposes an interesting flaw within our society and it works in favor for the left. The radical left.

For those who have not seen “The Social Dilemma,” you should see it immediately. You will be shocked at how much social media and its creators can control your thoughts, particularly if you engage with social media frequently.

Algorithms have a primary purpose of keeping you engaged and hooked up. For example, if you do not turn off notifications on your smartphone, the social app may bump you whenever it discovers that you are most likely to look at the notification. If you’re susceptible to political posts that gear more toward conservative/libertarian ways of thinking, you’ll be fed that more often, making you want to engage and interact with the site even more.

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This continuous stream of right-leaning news feeds right-leaning thinking. People on the Left are experiencing the same thing, but the difference is that leftists believe they can defeat real evil because of their reliance on identity politics and sensationalism.

The young are more susceptible because they don’t have enough real-world experience. This is reinforced in universities and schools by teachers and professors. No one should be surprised that America has a large and sensitive young population. They are ready to take on anyone who even suggests talking about it.

Being young in America takes courage.

All in all, it seems that the left is being misled. They don’t act this way because they aren’t aware of the consequences. If we want to liberate these emotional and mental prisoners, we must help them. There are many avenues to fight the remaining.

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