Driver convoy leader of trucker convoy arrested in Fourth of July roadblockade

The leader of the trucker convoy that was visiting Washington, D.C. on Wednesday was taken into custody while they were demonstrating at the National Mall.

David “Santa” Riddell was taken into custody by D.C. Police and is currently awaiting extradition from Montgomery County, Maryland for traffic-related offenses stemming out of the roadblockade that took place on July 4, on Interstate 270 close to its intersection with I -370 at Gaithersburg.

Mr. Riddell is charged with willful disobeying (lawful orders, directions) of a police officers, and willfully driving at a slow speed impeding normal traffic movement.

Mr. Riddell could face $430 fines in connection to the charges against him in Rockville District Court.

The group known as the 1776 Restoration Movement briefly blocked southbound I -95 at Route 198, Virginia. It also stopped traffic near the Virginia-D.C. border on I -395 Northbound. One lane was left open for emergency vehicles.

In its July 4 statement the group seems to refer to the interaction on I -270. They stated that only one team was able complete the 30 minute, so instead of being arrested they kept the convoy moving .”

The group’s home base in West Virginia is Bunker Hill. It’s located in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle.

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