China Responds to NASA Administrator’s Weaponization of Space Program Claims

China Responds to NASA Administrator’s Weaponization of Space Program Claims

China denies that it seeks to overthrow the Moon via its space program. This concern was expressed recently by Bill Nelson, NASA administrator.

Nelson stated to German Outlet Bild July 2: “We have to be concerned that China is landing in the moon. They are saying, It’s ours and we stay out .”

The purpose of China’s space program is, according to Nelson, “a military space program” and the accomplishments it has achieved are based on technology theft.

The Chinese regime denied Nelson’s claims.

“This was not the first time the NASA administrator has lashed at China in disregard for facts,” Zhao Lijian, spokesperson from Foreign Ministry said.

“China supports peaceful outer space use, and opposes weaponization and arm race in outer space,” said he.

Experts told The Epoch Times in China that space technology theft is common among the Chinese Communist Party and that the Strategic Support Force is responsible for the program.

Technology Plagiarism

Nelson warned about the space race with China in a Congress hearing on May 17. He warned of China’s aggressiveness in outer space as well as the cybersecurity risks that technology theft poses to cyber security. He stated, “They’re pretty skilled at stealing .”


Yue Chunzhi, an electronic engineer who has retired from No. 2. Institute of the Ministry of Aerospace Industry of China.

She told The Epoch Times she is certain that Beijing used stealing to advance its aerospace technology.

She said that the thefts started in the 1960s when she was hired at the ministry. She was responsible for the design of anti-missile and missile systems within the electronic department.

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” It was in the beginning when the Ministry of Aerospace Industry had just been established. Yue stated that Plagiarism was its method of making a copy or a small modification to existing things.

Epoch Times Photo

The Yutu-2 moon rover, taken by the Chang’e-4 lunar probe on the far side of the moon. Picture released on Jan. 11, 2019. (China National Space Administration [CNSA] via CNS/AFP/China OUT)

Military Ambition

Nelson issued a statement on May 19, 2021 after China released the first photos from the Zhurong Mars rover.

“Congratulations, China National Space Administration for receiving first images of the Zhurong Mars Rover!” Nelson stated.

But, Nelson at this year’s Congress hearing warned that cyber security is something we must “take very seriously…with regard to not only the government, but also the private sector .”

When asked about the military goals China might pursue in space, Nelson replied bluntly: “Well…what do you think happens on the Chinese satellite station?” Bild reported that they learn how to destroy satellites belonging to other countries.

Commentator Wang He noted that the Chinese program for aerospace was developed in association with the People’s Liberation Army.

He stated that both satellite launch centers like Jiuquan or Taiyuan were under military control. They are both located in the PLA’s Strategic Support Force training and testing base.

He further emphasized that in recent years, the regime manipulated its claim “to utilize outer space for peaceful purposes, promote mankind’s civilization and social progress,” as a cover for seeking international collaboration for the purpose of stealing technologies.

He stated that “the so-called Chinese private corporations involved in international collaboration are still controlled by the Communist Party.”

In other words, they “are the front companies,” He said.


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