Biden 2020 Surrogate Rep. Tim Ryan Disables Joe Biden’s Ohio Visit

Biden 2020 surrogate and Ohio U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) is dodging the president during his planned visit to the Buckeye State on Wednesday.

While the country is suffering from skyrocketing inflation which recently hit a 40-year high, Biden will visit Ohio to use the union training center in Cleveland as a backdrop to tell workers he believes his policies would help troubled pension funding.

However, as the president seeks a boost from his trip, Biden currently has a 30 percent job approval rating and a 58 percent disapproval nationally with the CIVIQS rolling job-approval average on July 3. In Ohio, Biden is worse off, with only 26 percent approval and 63 percent disapproval.

While the president visits the Buckeye State, Ryan, who once endorsed Biden for president and after having a failed presidential campaign himself, appears to be skipping the event altogether, while the state’s Democrat senator will be in attendance.

A spokesman for Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) told he plans to attend.

Republican Ohio Senate candidate J.D. According to a Wednesday USA Today Network Ohio – Suflk University poll, Vance leads Rep. Tim Ryan by three points.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) June 2, 2022

A Ryan spokesperson said that Ryan is not attending because of events in Southern Ohio .”


Previously, when the Biden campaign surrogate dropped out of the 2020 presidential race and endorsed the then-candidate Biden, he said, “I’m going to support him, I’m going to do everything I can for him in the early states and in the Midwest to help him become the nominee and beat Donald Trump.”

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Additionally, when he was acting as a surrogate, it also said Biden would be “the father of the American Family” and that “there’s a sense of patriotism” when you “listen” to Biden talk.

During Biden’s time as president, Ryan has also supported him by voting with the president 100 percent of the time. FiveThirtyEight tracks “how many times each member of Congress and the Senate votes for or against the President .”


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