New Fleischer book: Snobbery, bias and infecting press

New Fleischer book: Snobbery, bias and infecting press


A former White House Press Secretary has published a book that reflects the feelings of many about news media. Here it is. “Suppression deception, Snobbery, and Bias”: Why the Media Gets so Much Wrong

The author is Ari Fleischer ,, who managed journalists for the White House. He took them from 2001 to 2003 in order to get President George W. Bush .. Now he is a Fox News contributor, and he founded a successful communications company.

“Half of Americans are acutely aware they are regularly mocked by the media and looked down on. It is hard to believe that the media believes this is good news for America. Too many journalists treat Americans with contempt, which is one of the main reasons our country is divided and polarized. “It’s not only politicians that are to blame,” writes Mr. Fleischer.

” The nation’s divisions are a result of the narrow-minded mainstream media’s approach to their job and its routine dismissal or denial of populist or conservative thought. This lack of understanding and respect for conservatives and populists leads to resentment, and increases polarization. He said that the media plays a major role in splitting Americans apart.

The book contains chapters entitled “Reporters have lost their minds” and “The Way It Was”. A final chapter explores the fact that biased journalists enjoy looking down at everyday people.

” The rehabilitation of journalism requires the commitment and dedication of journalists school admission officers and reporters,” said Mr. Fleischer.

” All Americans, regardless of their beliefs and ideals, deserve respect. The media should speak to them and not at them,” stated the author who interviewed ex-President Donald Trump for the purpose of this research.

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” What do you think, as President, would you change in the way you manage the press?” Mr. Fleischer asked.

” I don’t believe it would. Trump responded, “I think they’d treat me the exact same.”

The book arrives on July 12 from Broadside Books — a conservative imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.


Fox News is a surprising choice for liberals and Democrats. Take for example, California’s first lady Jennifer Siebel Newsom who appeared on “The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton ” Sunday.

The wife of the California Governor. Gavin Newsom was present to discuss a documentary called “Fair Play” that she had directed. It explores how to manage work and family.

But wait. You should also be aware that Governor Romney purchased recent campaign ads for Fox News. Fox News is often referred to as a news channel with a right-leaning bias by analysts. They are high-profile Democrats, however.

The network’s appeal is based on its surprise audience demographics. Fox News is still the dominant cable news channel, beating MSNBC and CNN in general ratings. Perhaps less well-known is the fact that Fox News attracts most Democrats and Liberals. This phenomenon was discovered by Nielsen/MRISimmons Fusion. The industry source released its findings in February.

Those findings revealed that Fox News is actually “the preferred cable news channel among Democrats in the key 25-54 age demographic.” In addition, Fox News earns the “largest share” of liberal viewers compared to both CNN and MSNBC. This could be why the wife of a Democratic governor would prefer Fox News to deliver an important message.

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” The University of Tennessee plans to create an Institute of American Civics, which will teach the founding principles of America as well as promote civil discourse. Tennessee Governor. Bill Lee provided $6 million for the establishment of the institute,” reported Charlotte McKinley ,, who is a contributing writer to Campus Fix (a student-written news agency).

Mr. Lee aims to combat the trend on campuses to be “centers for anti-American thought.” This results in students who aren’t familiar with the basic facts about the country.

“In 2019, Annenberg Center’s annual survey reported that only 39% of Americans could identify the judicial, executive and legislative branches as the three branches of government. In 2021, that percentage jumped to 56%,” Ms. McKinley noted.

” Although more than half can identify the three branches correctly, surveys revealed a lack in understanding about America’s foundation structures, principles, and philosophies.” she stated.


Does one Wyoming Republican want to be a White House candidate? This would be Rep . Liz Cheney – who didn’t confirm or deny this possibility on an ABC appearance, “This Week .”


” I haven’t yet made a decision. I am clearly very focused on my reelection. The Jan. 6 committee is very important to me. “I’m focused on the Jan. 6 committee,” said Ms. Cheney to host Jonathan Karl .

The lawmaker has been critical of the former President Donald Trump – a fact that could be a contributing factor.

“Should Cheney be elected president? Her candidacy would measure whether Republican voters are willing to cast a vote for someone who disagrees with Trump, since the ex-president remains popular among GOP voters according to polls,” said Andrew Stanton ,, a Newsweek analyst.

See also offers over two dozen gender options, including 'Polygender', 'Neutrois' and 'Pangender.

“She will face a difficult primary against Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman Wyoming, where Donald Trump is still deeply loved. Wyoming, which is one of the most conservative states in the country, was where Trump received about 70% the majority vote. He said that Cheney’s staunch criticism of Trump has put her at odds with many constituents.


59% U.S. adult respondents say that they will “definitely vote” for the 2022 legislative elections in November.

10% say they “probably will vote” in the elections.

8 percent say that they will “maybe vote .”

77% of respondents say that they will “probably not vote .”


77% of respondents say that they will “definitely not vote .”


9 percent say that they don’t know if they will vote.

SOURCE: An Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 U.S. adults conducted June 25-28.

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