Griner writes to Biden asking for help

Griner writes to Biden asking for help

Brittney griner wrote to President Joe Biden, expressing concern that she may never be able to return home. She also asked for his help in writing a letter to him through her agents.

Griner’s agent Lindsay Kagawa Colas stated that the letter was sent on Monday. Although President Biden has most of the contents of the letter, Griner’s agents shared some lines from the handwritten note.

”…As a Russian prison inmate, alone with my thoughts, and without protection from my family, friends or Olympic jersey, I am afraid I may be there forever,” Griner wrote.

“Our family usually honors those who served our freedom, such as my father, a Vietnam War Veteran. It hurts to think about the way I celebrate Independence Day because it means something entirely different for me this year .”


The two-time Olympic gold medalist is currently undergoing a Russian trial. It began last week following her arrest on February 1 17 for possessing marijuana oil and returning to Russian play. On Thursday, the trial will be resumed.

Fewer than 1% are acquitted in Russian criminal cases. However, unlike U.S. courts acquittals may be overturned.

Griner asked Biden to take action to secure her return in the letter.

” Please do everything you can to help us return home. I voted in 2020 for the first-time and voted for your candidate. You are my hero. Griner stated, “I still have so many good things to do with freedom that you could help restore!” Griner added: “I miss my spouse! I miss my family! My teammates are my family! I am so sorry to hear that they are going through such a difficult time right now. Thank you for doing whatever it takes to bring me home .”

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Griner was able to communicate with her family and friends occasionally through the email account that her agent created. After being vetted and printed, Griner’s lawyer will deliver the emails in large quantities to Griner. After Griner’s responses are scanned by the Russian officials, the lawyers return to Griner’s office to scan them and forward them to the U.S. for further processing.

She had been supposed to make a call to her husband on their anniversary, but the “unfortunate error” made by officials from Biden’s administration prevented it.

Griner supporters encourage a prisoner exchange like that in April, which brought back Marine veteran Trevor Reed for the release of a Russian pilot who was convicted in a drug trafficking conspiracy. In May, the State Department declared her wrongfully detained and placed her under the watchful eye of the special presidential envoy to hostage affairs. This effectively made her the chief hostage negotiator for the government.

Griner wasn’t the only American wrongfully held in Russia. Paul Whelan is a former Marine security director and serving a 16-year sentence for an espionage conviction.

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