Telling the RINOS From the CHINOS for the Fourth of July

Telling the RINOS From the CHINOS for the Fourth of July


Most people know what a RINO (Republican in name Only) is. This type of Republican votes alongside Democrats on important issues like immigration or virtue-signals, marching to support obvious profiteers disguised as civil rights groups such as Black Lives Matter.

But at patriotic times of the year it struck me that something or someone else is worse. To whom, I use the imperfect acronym CHINOS.

The CH is for China, which refers to the Chinese Communist Party and not its people. And the I represents Iran (more on that later). N could be used to refer to North Korea. However, that may seem a bit extreme for certain CHINOS. You could also say O to indicate open borders but it would be RINOS. )

The CHINOS refer to those who are inclined, either overtly and covertly with China or assume that China will win the global battle and agree with their interests. This is almost always because of greed, but sometimes for ideology.

Now, not all RINOS CHINOS and all CHINOS RINOS – that would be impossible, since most Democrats are CHINOS.

As the New York Post reminds us, Hunter Biden represents a Democrat CHINO. He might be called CHINO in-chief because his father, Joe Biden, blithely stated to his fellow Americans that “China is not our enemy” while ignoring all human rights violations of the communist regime, including forced organ transplants and genocidal labor camps.

But, what about Republicans? What can we do to distinguish the RINOS and the CHINOS in this situation?

There are many things that overlap like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R.Ky.), however, some people don’t have both. One example of this is Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana. He was one of a small number of Republican senators who voted to convict Trump at the second impeachment trials. Unsurprisingly, the Republican Party in his state was not amused, and they censured Cassidy. Although he is a RINO and not a CHINO completely, he’s still not a CHINO.

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How do I find this information? In May, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) introduced the Iran China Accountability Act (S.4290), whose summary at reads:

“This bill bans funds from being used to negotiate with Iran over a nuclear deal. It is only allowed until President Barack Obama issues specific certifications regarding the actions taken by China and Iran.

” The President must certify specifically that China has stopped imprisoning Uyghurs in the Xinjiang area. The President should also certify, among other things, that Iran has ended all arrangements involving China’s receipt of funds and any ties or transfer of money to Iranian proxy forces including Hamas.

“Any Iran nuclear deal that the United States signs must also declare the end of all Iranian missile and nuclear capabilities, weapons and infrastructure. This agreement will be considered a treaty that requires the approval and consent of Senate

Blackburn made the following statement regarding her proposal to The Epoch Times:

” The Obama-Biden Iran Deal was a complete failure. This legislation will stop taxpayer dollars from enabling the Biden White House to support this corrupt regime. The legislation will prevent taxpayer money from being used to support this corrupt regime .”


Kudos Blackburn. However, such legislation at this stage is mostly symbolic, which I am sure the senator understands. The current administration would not sign it into law.

However, it is likely that most Republicans will support the bill, if at all.

Unfortunately they did not. Sens. were the ones who succeeded. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Mike Braun (R-Ind. ), Ted Cruz (R.Texas), Thom Tillis (R.N.C.), Mike Braun (R.Ind. ), Rick Scott (R.Fla.), Ted Cruz (R.Texas), Rep. Bob Good, (R.Va.), and you won’t be surprised now–Cassidy.

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A lot of them were, and I think still are, missing from this list. Is that a sign they might be secret CHINOS? Although it’s difficult to know, we need to keep our ears and eyes open. It would have been a good idea to support this bill even though it is symbolic. (Most Republicans’ proposals in the Senate must be symbolic up to the election. )

For Cassidy’s ridiculous, pompous position on impeachment, the fact that he isn’t a CHINO or pretending he isn’t doesn’t help. If I was a citizen in his state, I would not vote for him.

But, for Fourth of July, if your patriotism is strong, it is crucial to understand and then act on who are CHINOs. It is as important as understanding who is and isn’t a RINO for our futures.

We should remember and follow the paraphrased advice of the greatest writer ever (initialsWS), “Neither an RINO nor a CHINO be.” I couldn’t find any good quote for “For loan ort loses both it and its friend.” But, that is also true. )

And speaking of CHINOS: We should not forget, while we gaze up at the sky over us on the Fourth and see the Stars and Stripes in all their glory, that our patriotic fireworks are often Made in China. This is something we’ve known for many years.

Enough already. Blackburn has a good track record.

Views expressed in the article are those of the author, and may not reflect the views or opinions of The Epoch Times.

Roger L. Simon


Roger L. Simon, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter and novelist, is now editor-at-large at The Epoch Times. The GOAT (fiction), and I Know Best (nonfiction) are his most recent works. You can find him on GETTR or Parler @rogerlsimon.

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