Ilhan Omar attended the Somalian Cultural Event Minneapolis

Ilhan Omar attended the Somalian Cultural Event Minneapolis


Rep. Ilhanomar (D-MN), received an unwelcoming reception Saturday afternoon at the Minneapolis, Minnesota concert. The crowd, who had come to see Suldaan Seeraar from Somalia as part of .Somali Week celebrations HTML1, booed the congresswoman.

Watch Ilhan Omar get booed for a minute straight at a concert in Minnesota featuring a Somalian singer

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It is difficult to know why this crowd became so hostile. Some possibilities can be found in Somalia’s societal topics.

Somalia, in other words, is a self-mutilating mess. As the CIA website notes :

Somalia scores very low for most humanitarian indicators, suffering from poor governance, protracted internal conflict, underdevelopment, economic decline, poverty, social and gender inequality, and environmental degradation.

It continues:

Somalia’s youth population is at risk of being recruited by terrorist and other pirate organizations due to a lack of job and educational opportunities. Somalia has one of the world’s lowest primary school enrollment rates – just over 40% of children are in school – and one of world’s highest youth unemployment rates. The high rates of infant mortality and chronic malnutrition and poor health services make Somalia a low country for life expectancy.

It’s trendy…to be from.

Today Somalia is the world’s third highest source country for refugees, after Syria and Afghanistan. The driving forces are insecurity, droughts, floods and lack of economic opportunity.

The Somalia-to Minnesota pipeline seems odd, if not for other climate reasons. But, apparently Minnesotans are an accepting bunch, as CBS News reported in 2019.

The first is the support from local, volunteer resettlement agencies that work with governments to help refugees find housing, schooling and jobs. Minnesota agencies such as Lutheran Social Services and Arrive Ministries, International Institute of Minnesota, Minnesota Council of Churches have a history of successful refugee resettlements.

Dr. Samatar also mentioned Minnesota’s strong economic, which provided Somali-Americans with job opportunities, schooling options and health care, as well as a safe environment to live.

” And the state of Minnesota was always considered to be a kind, successful place,” he stated.

The relocation is not without its downside, as FOX News reported in 2019.

Some investigators lament the difficulties in rooting out gang violence that remains a problem in not just the Somali community, but neighboring areas. Police stress that proper dismantling gangs is not a one-way process. Gang activity now is no longer centered on larger outfits like MS-13, or the Crips. These smaller gangs, with names such as “Somali Mafia,” or “Somali Outlaws”, are much more prevalent.

” It’s difficult for any community of people to integrate and immediately change from their previous lives. A local law enforcement official said that distrust has only gotten worse. Gang violence is getting worse. Not only do crimes go unsolved, but many don’t get reported at all.”

There was also the 2017 murder of unarmed citizen Justine Ruszczyk (she was going by her fiance’s last name Damond at the time of her death) by Minneapolis police officer and native Somalian Mohamed Noor further exacerbating ill-will between communities.

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Somalia is the state religion of Sunni Muslim. This group makes up the largest part of Islam. Adherents to Sunni Islam are a quite orthodox bunch, this leading to a noticeable lack of Pride parades in the Middle East.

Some modern academics have argued that the blame for the Islamic hostility towards homosexuality is due to “the adoption of European Victorian attitudes by the new Westernized elite.” For more than a thousand years, however, the Islamic tradition has drawn its views on homosexuality from the accounts of Muhammad’s perspective found in the hadith, for Muhammad is described in the Quran (the word of Allah) as ‘the perfect example’ (uswa hasana) for all of humankind. Muhammad instructed, “If you find anyone doing as Lot’s people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done. ” He also condemned the mere “appearance” of homosexuality, when he cursed effeminate men and masculine women and ordered his followers to “Turn them out of your houses.”

Now, let’s compare this to Rep. Omar’s thoughts on the subject.

Following Palestinian police threats against a local LGBTQ group, Rep. Ilhan Omar threw her support behind the group by sharing their tweet with five ways to support Palestinian queers.

“LGBTQ rights are human rights, and we should condemn any effort to infringe upon them,” Omar said.

There seems to be an ambiguity here. It is also worth noting Rep. Omar’s unique marital history. This may be why Omar was booed.

Or maybe her constituents have grown tired of her headline-chasing gloryhounds instead of representing those who elected her to office. Omar looks a lot like Eric Swalwell wearing a hijab. However, Omar is credited with not having Fang Fang’s number in hers.

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