White House defends Biden’s Tweet on Gas Stations

White House defends Biden’s Tweet on Gas Stations

Officials from the White House on Sunday supported President Joe Biden’s demand that gas stations lower their prices for gallons amid much criticism.

“Hey, anyone who knows President Biden will tell you that he is plain-spoken. He also tells the truth in terms that everyone can understand,” Kirby said on Fox News Sunday after being shown a tweet from Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder and Washington Post owner), in which he claimed that Biden had “misdirected” his market dynamics .”


Biden stated that on Saturday “my message for the gas station operators and pump price-setting companies is: This is wartime and we are in danger.” Reduce the price that you charge at the pumps to reflect what you pay for the product. Do it immediately.” It’s unclear how gas stations could lower the prices without making significant financial losses.

Kirby stated to Fox News, that he had rejected Bezos’s critique of the tweet.

” The American people feel pain at the pumps, and currently, it is $5 per gallon. Mike, the president is trying very, very hard to get that price down,” Kirby said before noting Biden’s meeting with Group of Seven leaders in Europe and the release of oil out of the U.S. Strategic Reserve.

” If everyone cooperates, we can reduce the price at least by about one dollar per gallon,” Kirby stated. “So he is working very, very hard because he understands the effect that high gasoline prices have on American households .”

As with Biden Kirby didn’t give an example of how businesses could work together to lower the cost. Auto club AAA reports that the current average cost of regular unleaded gas is $4. 81 Per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline.

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White House press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre also responded to Bezos’s tweet: “It is not surprising that oil and gas corporations using market power at the expense American citizens is how our economy is supposed work.” However, she did not go into detail about the manipulation of markets by petroleum companies.

The Biden administration has been shifting from blameing Russia for high gas prices to accusing oil stations and companies of price-gouging. Biden sent a letter last month to several top oil companies, such as ExxonMobil, Chevron and Chevron, asking them to lower their gas prices.

Biden will visit Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer, as part of an extended trip to the Middle East, which includes Israel, later in this month.

When Kirby was asked if Biden would press Saudi Arabia to increase oil production, Kirby refused to answer.

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