Search for Contacts of U.S. Officials & Google Execs on Hunter Biden’s Laptop and You Will Have More Questions

Search for Contacts of U.S. Officials & Google Execs on Hunter Biden’s Laptop and You Will Have More Questions

Joe Biden repeatedly claimed that he didn’t know anything about Hunter Biden’s business transactions and that his son made no money from China. Over the years, we have gathered a lot evidence to prove that these were lies. Joe met several Hunter business associates. Hunter also made millions through his Chinese business connections. Joe even flew Hunter to China on Air Force Two in 2013 to make a deal with a Chinese associate, Jonathan Li, and Hunter introduced his father to Li while they were there. We even saw Tony Bobulinski say that Joe Biden — the “big guy” — was supposed to get a 10 percent from the company that Hunter was creating as a joint venture with the Chinese energy company, CEFC.

The New York Post now has more interesting information courtesy of the Hunter Biden laptop.

Hunter Biden’s hard drive contained an enviable lineup of contacts for top US officials tasked with overseeing the US-China relationship, and at least 10 senior Google executives — raising new questions about the extent to which Joe Biden’s well-connected son could have leveraged his connections for personal profit, The Post has learned.

Many of the top-level government officials would have been in position to help Hunter Biden’s business aspirations in China during his father’s term as vice president from 2008 to 2016. He was notoriously known to have sought out his connections and family names in order to capitalise during that time, even though his father had sensitive state business.

One former executive at Google told The Post that Hunter Biden wanted the money for Chinese ventures and that many of his top executives ended up working under the Obama-Biden administration.

John Kerry was Secretary of State and Max Baucus, U.S. Ambassador to China. Thomas Parker, the special adviser to the vice-president for national security affairs, John Kerry, the Ambassador to China, Sarah E. Kemp who was a commercial counsellor at the U.S. Embassy, Beijing, and Patrick Mulloy (former commissioner of the United States China Economic and Security Review Commission). Many declined to comment, or did not respond. Bruce Quinn was the Director of Implementation for the US Trade Representative office in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He said that he didn’t know why. He stated that he was a seminar speaker and suggested Hunter might have attended one.

“This raises more questions than usual about Hunter Biden’s use of his father’s name to gain personal wealth. These contacts are why Hunter has them? Do you think Hunter ever met or contacted these people in an official capacity? “And if yes, how were those contacts beneficial Hunter’s father and Biden Inc.?” Senator Ron Johnson (R. Wisconsin) said to The Post.

What was he doing to the Google contacts? One of the people on the list said that he tried to use his father’s name in order to attract investors.

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Kenneth Davies was involved with Google’s philanthropic and venture capital arms from 2008 to 2012. He remembered Hunter’s visit to Google Headquarters.

“He pitched some wild ideas, including some Chinese items. … We kind of looked at it and I kinda scoffed at it,” Davies, 42, told The Post. He was sure not to know the meaning of energy. The answer was very clear: “I am Hunter Biden” — see the last name. Rosemont Seneca. Rosemont Seneca. ]

Davies said could not recall the specific ventures Hunter Biden presented at the Spring 2011 meeting. In June 2012, Davies requested a LinkedIn connection to Hunter Biden. The laptop is shown.

” My overall impression was that this man has obviously been riding on daddy’s coat tails, and I have more things to do with my free time,” Davies stated.

Among other Google contacts were:

  • Bill Maris is the founder of Google Ventures, which provides venture capital for companies.
  • Dan Reicher was once the Director of Climate Change and Energy Initiatives at the company.
  • Alan Davidson was formerly the director of American public policy.
  • Christiaan Adams, senior developer advocate, Google Earth Outreach & Crisis Response
  • Johanna Shelton, director, Public Policy
  • Manuel Tamez, former head of Public Policy and Government Affairs, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
  • Mike Brazil Finance Operations Manager
  • Jacquelline Fuller, vice president, Google; president,
  • Megan Smith, former vice president, New Business Development

Although Davies expressed skepticism about Hunter’s pitch, the laptop shows there was a video conference between Maris and Rosemont Seneca scheduled for September 29, 2009. Further emails showed that Hunter had met Reicher after Fuller connected him. The calendar also shows a call between Hunter and Reicher in April 2010.

” We were investing in real companies, and giving grants to non-governmental organizations. Reicher stated that Google was funding research, but he couldn’t recall meeting Hunter Biden.

In an announcement, Google stated that they have never made cash investments in Hunter Biden projects.

” These are mainly long-departed employees, and we don’t have any record of such investments,” said a Google spokesperson to The Post.

But interestingly, then some of those Google contacts went on to serve at the White House including Davidson, who became director of Digital Economy for the US Commerce Department in June 2015 and Smith who became chief technology officer in September 2014.

Hunter Biden was a good friend to Smith during her time at Google, and as she served in the role of CTO. Hunter celebrated Smith’s appointment at Hilary Rosen’s home with a toast after she had been appointed. According to reports, Smith’s former wife, Kara Swisher (New York Times columnist), was present as well as Dr. Anthony Fauci.

A calendar alert shows an appointment between Smith and Eric Schwerin, the president of Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on Feb 20, 2015 at 4 p.m.

Except for Davies and Reicher none of the others who have worked at Google replied.

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Davies’ remarks sum up the situation: it was all about trading in the father’s name, and looking for ways to broker it. How was Hunter’s involvement in the U.S. business ventures? Did he have to deal with conflict parties? His father was not reluctant to fly Hunter on Air Force Two, or meet with Hunter’s business associates at the office of the vice president. Was there anything else that was done in order to facilitate Hunter’s deals? What were his contacts with Google and how did these relate to the Obama/Biden Administration’s involvement?

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