Hongkonger: City Situation: “We Cannot Return”

Hongkonger: City Situation: “We Cannot Return”

Hong Kong’s city is now unrecognizable. This is what many locals said during the year of Hong Kong’s handover from Britain and Beijing. China’s Communist Party Leader said that the city had risen from its ashes.

Hawaii is hosting the largest naval exercise in history. Troops from 26 nations are joining this year–looking to counter China’s military aggression.

Taiwan’s foreign minister announces his hope for the island as it faces the threat of invading forces.

A new report exposes

Imposter accounts on social media. The report claims that the accounts pose as Texans and attack Texas’ rare earth industry online.

Shanghai Disney opens to the public again after months of closure. However, some park-goers claim it is not as good.


  1. Hongkonger: City’s Situation: “We Cannot Return ‘
  2. Johnson – The UK Does ‘All it Can’ To Hold China to Make Commitments to Hong Kong
  3. Hong Kong’s Situation Described
  4. World’s Largest Navy Drill Underway at Hawaii
  5. Top Taiwan Diplomat Asks for Support in the Event of War
  6. Report Exposes Alleged Beijing Propaganda Tactics
  7. Bill Aims To Protect U.S. Agriculture. Farms
  8. Shanghai Disney Reopens After 3-Month Closure
  9. TSMC Beats Samsung to Mass Produce 3nm Chips
  10. Taiwan Announces Plans for a $5B Texas Factory
  11. China Relies On Foreign Microchips. Report
  12. Can the G7 Plan Counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative?

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