Planned Parenthood sued to stop Ohio’s abortion heartbeat laws

Planned Parenthood sued to stop Ohio’s abortion heartbeat laws


Planned Parenthood sued Ohio to stop a bill that would ban abortions in the state after detecting fetal heartbeats. However, Ohians were assured by Planned Parenthood that their state clinics still offer this procedure.

Wednesday’s lawsuit asks for an order from the Ohio Supreme Court to declare inconstitutional Senate Bill 23,, which went into effect on Friday after Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court. Wade.

“S.B. 23 now prohibits abortion in Ohio after detection of embryonic heart activity. This occurs approximately 6 weeks before most women know that they’re pregnant. This near-total ban against abortion violates the fundamental rights of Ohioans guaranteed under the Ohio Constitution. It also denies them the right to have an abortion .

Ohio Attorney-General Dave Yost stated he will defend the law, and questioned the decision to go directly to Ohio’s Supreme Court rather than starting with a lower court.

“Races do not start at the end, and litigations don’t begin in the last court. In a statement, Mr. Yost stated that they were not only wrong for filing an incorrect action at the wrong court but also wrong on Ohio law. “Abortion does not exist in the Ohio Constitution .”

An emergency stay would allow the state to rescind its cutoff for abortions in most cases. This was the amount that Ohio had before Dobbs’s decision. Jackson.

The legal battle coincides with Planned Parenthood’s attempt to stop a report that it is no longer offering abortions in Ohio.

Created Equal, a pro-life group posted a Monday screenshot of the Planned Parenthood North Columbus website. It stated: “We’re not currently proving abortions in OH health centers.” There are other choices for healthcare at these other centers .

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Aileen day, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio said that Ohio clinics still offer abortions. She attributed this message to technical difficulties.

“Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio continue to offer abortions for up to six weeks,” she stated. Our websites have technical problems and patients are not being able to book these appointments .”


She stated that she expected the company to resolve the issue within the next 24 hour.

Mark Harrington of Created Equal said that he felt Planned Parenthood was “messed-up and they’re trying .”

to cover their tracks.”

” Planned Parenthood informed potential clients, for whatever reason that they needed to inform them outside of the state in order to have an abortion. The abortion industry was apparently afraid of negative press, so they are now trying to minimize the damage. Created Equal, despite all this, will continue to keep its dedicated team of counselors from Planned Parenthood every week to support mothers and help children .”


He stated that the online messages for all three Planned Parenthood Ohio clinics offering surgical abortions were the same before the update.

The state’s Planned Parenthood website now requires that anyone wishing to make an appointment for abortion online call the center directly.

The lawsuit was brought by Planned Parenthood for America and Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio on behalf of six abortion providers.

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