West Hollywood Council votes to defund police officers and replace them with unarmed “Ambassadors”

The city council of West Hollywood, California, voted Monday night to cut the number of armed sheriff’s deputies by four, replacing them with 30 unarmed “ambassadors,” despite a crime wave and a national backlash over “defund the police.”

The Democrat-dominated haven, whose mayor once tried to ban Donald Trump from speaking in the city, and which honored porn star Stormy Daniels with the key to the city during her crusade against Trump, has seen crime rise 137% in one year.

Nevertheless, NBC Los Angeles reported, the city council voted 3-2 to cut police funding in deference to the “Black Lives Matter” movement:

During the council’s vote to restructure the city’s budget on Monday, the measure was only narrowly approved. The measure passed without Lauren Meister (West Hollywood Mayor), who was a strong opponent to reducing Sheriff’s presence within the city.

WeHo will have four less patrolling Sheriff’s Deputies after the restructuring. In six months two of the deputies from WeHo will be gone, and the remaining two will go in six months. The other two will remain for six months.

The new budget allocates the funds from these four deputies to Block ,, which employs blue-shirted security ambassadors who are unarmed and provide supplemental law enforcement services for the city.

In 2020, Seattle’s then-mayor also opposed the city council’s plan to cut police but was unable to stop it from doing so.

Two years later, amid outrage about crime that saw San Francisco voters recall their district attorney and could see Los Angeles County do the same, the West Hollywood city council stuck to Democrats’ 2020 rhetoric and cut police funds.

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At the same time, the UK Daily Mail notes, the council is increasing funds for other spending, such as a Russian culture festival that will omit the word “Russian” because of outrage over Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, and Pride flag crosswalks that have been updated with the colors of the transgender movement and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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