Sweden sends more military aid to Ukraine

MADRID – Latest news from the NATO Summit in Madrid.

Britain is sending $1 billion ($1. 21 Billion) in military assistance to Ukraine. This brings its total support for military and economic operations since the beginning of the conflict to 3.8Billion pounds.

The government stated that the money will be used to purchase equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicles (AAV) and electronic warfare equipment.

Prime minister Boris Johnson asked allies to support Ukraine at the NATO summit in Madrid.

Britain, which is second in military assistance to Ukraine after the United States, is the largest contributor. The UK is one of nine 30 NATO member countries that have met the alliance’s goal of spending 2% on defense.


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For the final day of their annual summit,

NATO officials are in Madrid at a conference centre.

The 30-member alliance will conclude its negotiations with a session on security issues for its south flank, specifically in the Middle East and North Africa.

Nations of NATO pledged support to Ukraine’s efforts to resist Russian invasion. The updated Strategic Concept was also released by NATO nations. It identifies Russia’s top security threat for the next decade and adds China.

NATO has also announced that it will boost its rapid response forces for Eastern Europe, increasing them from 40,000 to 300,000 troops ready to react to any attack by Russia against NATO territory.

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The alliance also made it possible for Sweden and Finland, who have overcome Turkey’s doubts.


BRUSSELS: China reacted to NATO’s designation of it as a security threat by labeling the Western military alliance “a Cold War remnant” which is “smearing Beijing’s international reputation.

On Wednesday NATO released its revised Strategic Concept. This document outlines the top security threats it faces over the next decade. NATO added China to its list of top threats, while Russia was the most prominent threat.

The statement said that China was “trying to subvert international rules-based order including in space cyber and maritime domains”, and pointed out its close relationship with Moscow.

A statement by China’s Mission to Europe on Thursday stated that “As NATO regards China as a systemic threat, we must pay attention to it and coordinate our responses.” We will respond strongly .”

to any acts of aggression against China’s interests

China insists that its cooperation with the United Nations is a means of promoting peace and international development.

It called 30-nation an instabile alliance.

“NATO asserts itself to be an international defense organization. However, it bypassed U.N. Security Council, waged wars on sovereign states and caused huge casualties, leaving millions of people displaced,” the statement said.

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