Raskin: There are no contradictions to Hutchinson’s testimony in the January 6 Probe

Representative Jamie Raskin, D-MD said Wednesday’s MSNBC’s “The Last Word” on MSNBC that he “not seen any that contradicts” what Cassidy Hutchinson (former White House aide) stated during her testimony before the House Select Committee.

When Raskin was asked about his subpoenaing of former White House counsel Pat Cipollone by the January 6th committee, Raskin replied, “We just heard yesterday, Cassidy Hutchinson. Undoubtedly, he knew quite a bit about the situation with the armed supporters of President Trump in the crowd, and the formation of an armed mob that stormed the Capitol to interfere excessively with the counting electoral college votes.” As the White House counsel, there is much he can tell us .”

O’Donnell stated, “Did he speak anything during his conversation with the committee back April that contradicts what we heard yesterday from Cassidy Hutchinson ?”

Raskin stated, “I cannot reveal any information about anyone’s private conversations within the committee at this time, but you’ll be able to know when it is available, clearly.” Anything that is relevant or significant I believe we’ll make public. It is an important point. I have not yet seen any evidence that Cassidy Hutchinson has said anything contradictory. It is now known that anonymous sources have made allegations regarding what somebody might be saying. This is very different than someone lying under oath. She was a credible witness, who gave her honest and sincere testimony to the committee. If there are other views on particular events or incidents, we would be happy to hear them. The most important piece of evidence yesterday was that Donald Trump knew he had heavily-armed supporters in the crowd. He wanted them to be waived in and the metal detector removed so that they would blend in with other crowd members, thereby increasing the number of people before and during the march on Washington. That has been confirmed by no one. That is what I consider the most significant and fundamental thing we have learned .”

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O’Donnell stated, “You presented additional witnesses today that said they believed Donald Trump would like to visit the Capitol in January 6.” Before January 6, one witness had known it. One witness knew the truth before January 6. Another witnessed did so on January 6. Is there any witness who said the contrary? No, Donald Trump didn’t want to visit the Capitol on January 6, ?”

Raskin said, “No. Multiple accounts have shown that Raskin wanted to travel and be a part of the event. He said that he was going to be there. He stated that he would go along with the rally. We will march to Capital. I’ll be there .”


He said, “Now, we have so many more evidence to prove that he not only incited the rebellion but also helped to form it, summons the mob and stage the entire arrangement for march. “

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