IN MY ORBIT : Mark Paoletta’s Life Mission is to secure Justice Clarence Thomas’ Legacy

The film, Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words was released in 2020, and offered a unique glimpse into Justice Clarence Thomas’ life and judicial philosophy. Since his 1991 confirmation hearings, the legacy media has delighted in poisoning the well with lies, smears, and racist tropes about the Justice. Mark Paoletta, a documentary filmmaker Michael Pack and others, decided to create a new source that would allow people to draw conclusions from Justice Thomas’s life, writings, and words.

Pack spent 25 hours filming Justice Thomas, and six additional hours with his wife Ginni — a voluminous amount of discourse that was reduced to a two-hour documentary. Unfortunately, there was not enough information about the Justice as a person or his writings. Paoletta decided to write a book with the same title.

The book Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words was released on June 21, just days before the monumental Supreme Court decisions in New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn. v. Bruen and Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization. Justice Thomas’ influential role as senior justice of the court was brilliantly exhibited in his masterful opinion on Bruen, and his concurrence on Dobbs. Democrats and Left used this decision to amplify their attacks against Thomas’ fitness and integrity. On Twitter, “Uncle Clarence” was trending while white progressives were encouraged to use N-Words and other racial slurs in support of Thomas. The icing on the Left’s insanity cake: Students at George Washington University, where Thomas teaches, attempted to remove him from his adjunct professorship.

None of these criticisms have stopped Justice Thomas from interpreting the law with an originalist’s eye. Paoletta, through the film as well as the book, shows Thomas’ irreplaceable weight in jurisprudence and how it has helped shape the intellectual rigor at the Supreme Court over the generations. Thomas has been on the court for 30 years, and is the most prolific of the justices, writing three times the opinions of the other eight. Paoletta talks most fondly about Justice Thomas’ humility and humanity as the reason why his legacy must be preserved and encouraged.

“You know anyone who ever meets Clarence Thomas would know what I’m talking about, that he’s just the most engaging person to anybody in any walk of life.”

I sat down for one hour with Paoletta and he said that it is his mission to paint a candid and honest portrait of the consequential jurist.

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It’s an interesting conversation which gives us a peek into Clarence Thomas, the United States Supreme Court Judge. But it also shows Clarence Thomas as a man and humanitarian.

WATCH Paolettta discuss his first impressions of Thomas and how they became friends:

Discover the Created process and how Paoletta calls it “a labor-of-love”:

Learn about why America’s Black leadership refuses to acknowledge Thomas’ legacy and wisdom for the Black community.

WATCH Paoletta explains why the legacy media is at odds with Justice Thomas:

Paoletta urges Americans and Black Americans to learn more about Clarence Thomas’ influence on the nation, as well as to see Thomas’ life and legacy with fresh eyes.

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