Special election wins Republican to replace a convicted criminal in the U.S. House of Representatives seat

Republican state senator Mike Flood won an election in Nebraska to replace Jeff Fortenberry’s 1st District seat.

Mr. Flood beat Patty Pansing -Brooks (Democrat), in the red district.

With 93% voting reported, Mr.

With 93% of the vote reported, Mr. Flood outperformed Ms. Brooks 52.1% to 47.9%.

Fortenberry quit Congress in March following his conviction of lying to FBI regarding an illegal campaign donation.

He received two-year probation just hours prior to Mr. Flood’s win.

Mr. Flood will immediately be sworn into office to complete Mr. Fortenberry’s term which expires in January. Flood’s arrival at the U.S. House is expected to reduce the Democratic majority by reducing it from five seats down to four.

Mr. Flood and Ms. PansingBrooks will be back in November for the two-year term.

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