Liz Cheney quickly moves on to her next con after Secret Service confirms agents are available to testify


Yesterday’s hearing of the “emergency committee” on January 6th was one of the most harrowing. I’m not referring to those accused in the incident that they encouraged an uprising. Cassidy Hutchinson was a former White House assistant. Her claims were under oath and debunked in a matter of hours. The committee also lost its credibility.

The supposed “bombshell” was a wild tale about a 74-year-old Trump fighting through two secret service agents and grabbing the steering wheel in order to try to get to the Capitol. It was a wild tale about a 74-year-old Trump fighting through two secret service agents and grabbing the steering wheel to try and get to the Capitol. Do you think Trump intended to take power there? He just encouraged peaceful protesters to travel there. It makes more sense for him to want to lead peaceful protests.

However, this steering wheel claim was false because such absurd claims about Trump almost always prove to be untruessential. We now know from the US Secret Service spokesperson that all the involved agents are available to testify.

NEW: @SecretService spox Anthony Gugliemi tells me the agents in Trump’s presidential SUV are “available to testify under oath, responding to [Hutchinson’s] new allegations.” (1/2)

— Peter Alexander (@PeterAlexander) June 29, 2022

Not surprisingly, these lies did not stop there. Hutchinson claimed that he had written a note about Trump’s statement regarding the Jan 6th riot. It was actually written by Eric Herschmann (a White House lawyer). Now, he has spoken out publicly about the testimony that he gave in support of this.

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Recapitulation: Yesterday’s testimony contained three bombshells. Two of them have been debunked and the third, that AR-15s were present in the crowd, has no evidence to back it and is so absurd and impossible as to be laughable. It was a huge success!

But don’t let this fool you. It’s exactly what Liz Cheney wanted, and all the other dishonest hackers on the committee. It doesn’t matter that Liz Cheney was a lying liar and she had to repeat some easily refuted nonsense. This was done to generate headlines which will become part of our collective consciousness. The debunkings won’t be remembered by anyone, mainly because they will not even get much coverage.

It doesn’t matter that Liz Cheney, her big witness, lied several times and that her main claims were disproven by the crew. The committee should be abolished because they got exactly what they desired.

— Bonchie (@bonchieredstate) June 29, 2022

In fact, Cheney has already moved on to the next stage of her con. She doesn’t mind that the committee was deceived because they helped support her story. This was her ultimate goal.

As we were told yesterday, Pat Cippollone (WH Counsel) had serious concerns regarding. Trump’s activities on Jan 6. Now it’s the right time for Mr. Cippollone, to testify in front of the public. His testimony is required to resolve any concerns about his previous office’s institutional interests.

— Rep. Liz Cheney (@RepLizCheney) June 29, 2022

I have come to the conclusion that Cheney must be a psychopath. It doesn’t matter what she does to Trump; she won’t give a damn about how many ethical barriers she must break through to do that.

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It’s uncomfortable to watch, not only because Cheney is a terrible person, but also because Congress is being misused in a manner that will continue to have devastating consequences well after the hearings end. As far as credibility is concerned, I’m not sure how the House will come back.

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