Bombshell J6’s Testimony about Trump’s Behavior collapses within hours

The U.S. Secret Service plans to denounce the allegations made by Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide. On Tuesday, she testified that Donald Trump tried to grab the steering wheel to reach the Capitol in time to join protesters. 6.

Hutchinson said Tuesday she had spoken with Tony Ornato (deputy chief of staff for operations), in a meeting for which Robert Engel, U.S. Secret Service agent, was present. Ornato said to her that Trump was “irate” after he was informed he couldn’t go to Capitol to meet protesters. ( RELATED: Joy Behar Claim Trump Supporters are Like “Recovering Addicts,” Praises Liz Cheney

Hutchinson alleges that Trump told him to take the Capitol with protesters.

Sources close to the Secret Service denied Hutchinson’s claims and said both Engel and the driver are ready to testify that Trump never tried to attack either man and did not reach for the steering wheel, according to several reports.

Sources close to Secret Service say that Bobby Engel (the lead agent) and the driver of the presidential limousine/SUV are ready to give evidence under oath that no man was attacked and Mr. Trump did not reach for the steering wheel.

— Peter Alexander (@PeterAlexander) June 28, 2022

CNN reporter Gabby Orr tweeted Tuesday night that Ornato denied telling Hutchinson that Trump lunged for the steering wheel.

Tony Ornato is denying that he told Cassidy Hutchinson Trump grabbed the steering wheel in presidential vehicle on 1/6 or lunged at a fellow agent, a USSS official tells @joshscampbell. CNN confirmed that Ornato and Enger were available to testify.

— Gabby Orr (@GabbyOrr_) June 29, 2022

Engel had been interviewed by the Jan. 6 committee, three people familiar with the matter said, according to Politico. Engel claimed that he was with other law enforcement officers who determined it impossible to bring Trump to the Capitol.

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Trump said to The Washington Post April that he was prevented from going to Washington by the Secret Service on January. 6.

” Secret Service said that I could not go,” Trump said. “I would have gone there in a minute.”

Trump posted to Truth Social on Tuesday to deny Hutchinson’s claims.

“Her fake story about me trying to get the White House Limousine’s steering wheel to drive it to Capitol Building was’sick and fraudulent’. It wouldn’t have been possible. Her story of me throwing food is also false … and why would SHE have to clean it up, I hardly knew who she was?”

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