Hillary Clinton Claims Clarence Thomas Has ‘Anger’ And ‘Grievance

Two-time unsuccessful presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated in a Tuesday interview, that Clarence Thomas, Associate Supreme Court Justice is full of “resentment,” gridlock and anger .”

” I went to law school together. Clinton said that Thomas has been “a person of grievance” for as long as he’s known her. The two graduated from Yale Law School, Clinton in 1973 and Thomas in 1974, although neither has previously discussed their early interactions.


In his concurring opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Thomas called on the Supreme Court to reject the doctrine of substantive due process, which the Court has used in rulings overturning bans on homosexual conduct, the purchase of contraceptives and same-sex marriage. His opinion was not supported by any other justice, but Associate Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito (and Brett Kavanaugh) reacted to his arguments in their opinions.

Clinton claimed these rulings were still at risk because Thomas was setting the foundation to change them. (RELATED : “A Quarter of a Person”: Whoopi Goldberg claims Clarence Thomas is ‘Better hope They don’t come for him ‘) He may not be alone, but he’s still signaling as he has done so many times.” King asked, “He has signaled to lower courts and to state legislatures in the past. They define cases, pass laws. Get them up. I might not win the first time, second, or third time but we will keep going So you are saying that people pay attention?” Yes, he’s speaking to right-leaning, conservative judges and justices as well as state legislatures. Gayle says that while there are many troubling aspects to this, women will die.

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Women will die Despite Clinton’s assertions, Thomas’ fellow Supreme Court justices have repeatedly highlighted his humor and warmth.

Justice Thomas literally knows the names of every worker in every building. At a conference, Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor stated that Thomas not only knows their names but also their family names and history.

“He’s a good friend,” Associate Justice Stephen Breyer said in 2021. He is a decent man, I think. I think he has a great sense of humor.”

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