Hillary Clinton Blames Clarence Thomas for Racist Tropes

Hillary Clinton spoke on CBS News Tuesday morning about the overturning of Roe ,, a controversial decision that rocked America and set leftists ablaze. We need to hear her because she is an authority in these matters. She’s a failed presidential candidate who has twice been geriatric.

While her talk points were mostly a boilerplate pro-abortion propaganda, one particular moment raised eyebrows. Clinton used a number of racist phrases while attacking Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Gayle King, naturally, nodded in agreement.

. @HillaryClinton: “I went to law school with [Justice Thomas]. Gayle, he’s always been a grieving person for me. He resents, grieves, and angers women. Women will die.” pic.twitter.com/nUGWGFVJ3m

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) June 28, 2022

One of the oldest and most common racist tropes has been the one of the “angry white man.” This is a racial stereotype that’s used for decades to justify racism against innocent people. Hillary Clinton simply drops the notion like it’s nothing. The double standard is truly amazing. How would you feel if an American Republican politician claimed that Barack Obama was a grievance-peddling black man who is angry? It’s possible that this happened in his presidency. My memory is not perfect, but I am certain that there was outrage at the accusation and allegations of racism.

But, Clinton’s remarks are even more outrageous because they seem so obviously false. Thomas was raised during segregation, and he would be able to harbor resentment. Yet, despite being the most happy, caring Supreme Court justice, he has the highest happiness. His personality is not marked by anger. He’s best known for his ability to laugh at any situation and his humor. I don’t think you have to believe that. Just a few weeks back, Justice Sonia Sotomayor described Thomas almost exactly in his defense.

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Can we stop to ask Clarence Thomas why he is being vilified so much? He is the least mentioned member of the Democratic party and the one who was voted in the Dobbs decision at 6-3. Is it because of this hyper-focus on one black man on the court that mainline Democrats now use racist tropes to attack him? Clinton’s insults seem childish compared with the many examples leftwingers using to call him the n-word on social media.

I think we have the right answer. They see black Americans as political property and are more upset when Thomas does not comply with their wishes than Justices Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito or Justices Neil Gorsuch, who were the ones that actually wrote the Dobbs decision. Clinton could easily have pursued them but chose Thomas as she believes she can insult him any way she likes. She is a bigot, and it shines through.

To end, we should point out the extent of projection in Clinton’s remarks. She is a grievance-preferring, angry, and privileged elite who has an unhealthy obsession for power. She is only trying to tattling with herself when she pursues Thomas in the same way that she pursued Thomas.

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